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    Oct 29, 2010
    One year ago, some events changed things about my playing, ambitions and practicing. And i have not posted here for a while, but i have read a lot here .Now almost one year later i want to tell you people here about it.

    Last year a combination of many events resulted in everything i had of motivation went away. That summer and fall some things happened. I went to two auditions that spring and i did´nt get in to any of the, this was expected and i only used the auditions to get experience with auditions, but it was kind of demotivating.

    We got a new teacher which had our group practices, we did not get along, because the things he thought us was the opposite of what my teachers told my to do, and he was the kind of person who thought that everything he did was the right way of doing things and mine was wrong. Then he decided to give all the solos and other stuff i had to the other trumpeters in the group, he stopped talking to me and ignored everything i said.

    And the last thing was that one of my teachers got another job and moved to another part of Norway, i was not able to get in contact with him and he simply was not my teacher anymore. The results of this events was this:

    I stopped practicing i just played when i had to, in the school band and when i went to my teacher (i had two teachers, yes) I wanted to become a good player but did not want to do the job that it takes to become so. I just played and thought i would become a good musician.

    This part is not that important but only the background story too what was about to happened. So this is the important part.

    In half of a year i lost almost all the fundamentals playing and i forgot what playing and practicing was all about, and in half a year i was looking for a teacher:

    The teacher i had and have is an amazing musician and person, he was the 1. trombonist in one of the St. Petersburg symphonies and left Russia to give his daughters a better opportunity and now they are violinists and studying in Vienna. Him and his wife pays for their studies and violins with a teachers salary. But he plays trombone and i felt i needed a trumpet teacher to, and i know that it does not matter what instrument the teacher plays if the person is a good musician.

    In mid January i found i teacher, and i feel very fortunate to have him as my teacher, he is the best teacher i have ever had, and his teaching methods and ways of teaching is perfect and just the type that fits me, and after this everything went upwards.

    Together with him i started over with the fundamentals he helped me make a good practice routine and he helped me choose a piece to play on my audition i had in may this year.

    With help from my teachers i have now gotten in to the school i wanted and i practice 3-8 hours a day with a practice routine that works for me. And i am happy that i have experienced this so early and solved my problems. I have grown as a trumpet player. And as an advice please get a teacher if you don´t have one, he or her will help you so much. And if you are demotivated and feel that you cant do anything and don´t get anywhere, you can change it, especially with a good teacher, talk with him

    And i want to share a link which have helped me and given me inspiration and motivation: ByronStripling.com/Tips - its a good read.

    This may sound over dramatic, but this is how it is and this is how important i think it is and this is how important it is for me, and this is simply the story of what has happened this year, and maybe someone will read it and find it some what interesting or anything. But this is how i feel about this and if you don´t like it please don´t hate.

    Now after this year i feel i can again try to contribute to this forum, and i will try to do so to.


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    I will be looking forward to your inspiring post. I am glad you have found your way again.
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    Very happy to hear from you, and that is wonderful news!
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,


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