10 Techniques for Better Fast Playing

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    Many musicians and especially trumpet players spend a great deal of effort trying to play faster, higher, and louder. Personally I believe it’s a much better idea to try to play better.

    However, occasionally to appease the trumpet gods we must work on high, fast and loud. There is in my experience a big difference in the results of different techniques of preparation of quick technical passages, so today I present 10 Techniques for Better Fast Playing, along with a video of The Carnival of Venice.

    The most important principle is easy and very simple. To prepare to play quickly, practice slowly.

    Yes, I know, you say you practice slowly already. And I believe that you think you practice slowly. I for years thought I was practicing slowly. Then I finally learned to practice slowly for real and saw the enormous effectiveness of true slow practice. It works, but only with enormous patience. Playing somewhat slowly a few times is not enough; many reps at extremely slow speed are required. The rule is that the more times you play something very well very slowly the better you will play it quickly.

    A full discussion with 10 actionable principles we can start with today at 10 Techniques for Better Fast Playing | Joshua MacCluer
    Joshua MacCluer | Trumpeter, Producer, Educator and Performance Coach
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    Josh, thanks for posting. I really took your advice to heart and the preparation helped much: last concert came off well.

    Also, loved the Charlier "challenge." I've not worked on the etudes, and hearing them played well was/is a pleasure.

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