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    Mar 18, 2006
    Wow! I had the most incredible time the other night. It started out with a lesson with my teacher Eddie Lewis which I always think is great and great fun too! Anyway, He wrote a book of 101 Duets. This particular night he was having a duet party and had a few local trumpeters at his house to play the duets. I sat there in awe as these trumpet players went through all 101 duets! It was fantastic and a lot of FUN. These guys started at the back of the book, the harder duets, and went backwards to the easier duets. I think they were glad too because it gave them an opportunity to warm down from the harder stuff. The book starts off with duets with quarter notes and half notes and works it's way up to some very challenging things as far as I could see (I sat right behind the players to watch and listen).

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these books check it out here: http://www.cafepress.com/tigermusic/738297 I think it is well worth the time if you want to challenge yourself and have fun doing.


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