WTS: 1931 New York Bach Large Bore one-owner instrument!

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    We were very fortunate to be in charge of this project of restoring this classic trumpet! We purchased this from the daughter of the original owner who bought it new in 1931. The original shop card shows an original build date of 1929 but sold in 1931. The horn was originally lacquered but most of it was in sad shape so we stripped it. With the exception of the valve rebuild which we insisted on having done for optimal performance results and one split inner slide in the second valve the horn is original. This horn even has the original case and NY 10 1/2C mouthpiece. This is truly a classic and while it might be 85 years old it plays as good if not better than almost any horn on the market these days. 6 bell/6 leadpipe and most likely a 50 mm thickness gold brass bell (something I talked with the folks at Bach as they were wondering what Bach's scribbles on the shop card meant as well). I'm only assuming there as we can't ask Vincent ;-)

    This is truly a great collectible that plays far better than you can imagine! It won't last long at this price.

    1931 New York Bach Large Bore Model 6 Stradivarius: One Owner horn - Austin Custom Brass Web Store

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