1962 Holton 45 Deluxe?

Discussion in 'Horns' started by ajnothem30, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Dec 5, 2016
    Hi all, I am new to this site. I have just aquired a 1962 Holton 45 Deluxe as a gift from my mom for my birthday, and I know little about it. It is in great shape, little tarnishing and no dents. Original Laquer (I believe) is gorgeous. I am curious as to more about it, such as its general quality, value, etc. I have read about it on the Holton Loyalist website, but it still does not enlighten me as much as I'd like to know. I can already tell from playing it that compared to my Holton t602, this trumpet is of better tone quality, better valve action, and seems to hit the higher registers with ease. Enlighten me if you would be so kind.
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    Holton Loyalist.com - Trumpets / Cornets

    Well I can tell you that these are pro trumpets.
    You can use the site above for some info. Although I know there are some true Holton fans on this forums that know these trumpets and cornets in and out.
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    When you say Holton 45 Deluxe, life gets confusing even before accounting for what was going on by 1962. For some reason, they decided it would be fun to label a design as “Deluxe” in addition to a trim package, while keeping the model numbers the same. Thus we have (from 1938-1958) the Holton Model 45 Revelation, a horn with no tuning slide brace, a single radius slide and reversed construction, as well as the Holton 45 Deluxe, a horn with the same valves (core), bell and leadpipe as the other, but a braced, non-reversed dual-radius (squarish) tuning slide. The Deluxe came standard in the Deluxe finish (clear lacquer with nickel trim) but you could also get the other model that way as the Holton Model 45 Revelation Deluxe. Very confusing. The Model 48 Revelation and Deluxe horns were the same distinction. The 48 differs from the 45 in the taper of the leadpipe – the 48 opens quickly, then more slowly, then quickly again and a final slow taper to the base of the slide. The 45 leadpipe is what I arbitrarily dubbed a “C” taper in my Holton Model guide at www.trumpet-history.com as well as horn-u-copia, which is an even taper along the full length. The 45 bell taper progression is also slightly different in the zone around the 2-piece seam, making the transition to the flare slightly more abruptly than a 48.
    Now to add another layer of confusion, the distinctions above, along with the term Deluxe as a model designator went away in 1958 when the Deluxe became the “Holton Revelation Model 45” and the only 45 in the catalog. (so when you say “Deluxe”, is that in reference to the Deluxe finish?) At the same time, a number of Courtois components appeared in pro level Holtons, having appeared in the lower lines as early as 1955, most notably the valves. Your pistons will have the spring outside of the spring-box at the top instead of inside as traditional Holton valves had. It is unclear if this is just French design, or if Holton was progressively sourcing to Courtois. Interestingly, Courtois built Leblanc’s horns, and in 1965, Leblanc bought Holton.
    Your horn will be a little more strongly centering than the 45 Revelations people talk about and more of a solid all-around horn of the period. It is lighter and a bit more responsive than a Bach, but without the tonal complexity. It is a bit of a cross between the light, very responsive and strongly centering Model 49 Stratodyne and the heavier, but less centering Revelations that precede it. It will bear no resemblance to a 602, which was a renamed Holton Collegiate student horn.
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    Dec 5, 2016
    Thanks for the detailed reply. If it helps any as to the actual model of the trumpet, i says on the bell, "Holton 45 Elkorn, Wis USA" and has a serial number of 352379. Also it has two braces between the bell and lead pipe, one near the mouth piece one towards the actual bell right after the pinky ring. Also its trim is on the tuning slide and 3rd vlave slide, being silver in color.

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