1977 Olds Custom Clark Terry Trumpet P13T

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mell_Crisva, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Mell_Crisva

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    Dec 30, 2008
    I am a new member to this forum, I was interested in purchasing a barely used/near new - Olds Custom Clark Terry trumpet P13T - which has a Ultra Sonic Bell. I was wondering what a good price is for one of these Trumpets. These trumpets were about $575 new what would they be worth today. I was trying to find out how many were actually made and I have heard numbers of only 300 of them were made is this correct. So any idea what they would be worth today. ($600, 1000, 1500 or up to 2000 dollars)

    Secondly are they really worth this money as I have heard that some of the later Olds trumpets (1978 & 1979 )had a lot of problems with the valves, and finish to name a few issues. Any guidance and information would be very helpful.

    Thank you, Mel
  2. A.N.A. Mendez

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    Oct 25, 2005
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    I'd call that more of a collectable, maybe not such a good player....Who knows.?
    Get your self a nice vintage super, they are butter!
  3. lovevixen555

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Depends on how it plays. The origanal $dollar value has little bearing on what it is worth. If you applied that logic the 1946 Holton Colligate in Silver would be worth well over $3000 once you adjusted for the difference in the value of the dollar and the consumer buying idex etc........ What matter's most is how in demand they are and what the market will bear. Something like if it is like new would probably go for any where between $300-$1200 on Ebay depending on how desirable it is. It is true that the companies quality control went down but it was not linear across all lines. The more expensive the model the greater the chances of it comeing out top notch it was the student line that suffered the most but even then you still find plenty of diamonds int he rough! I can tell you right now if you looking for a replacement price as it what it would cost to find something that sounded as good and was built as well in todays Market you would have to look in the $1000-$1800 area to find something that on par in terms of general playability and sound quality. The bigest issue with the Olds models as they neared the end of operations was that you either got a just OK instrument or you got a real gem. The problem was that as they got closer to the end of operations you got more and more OK and less and less Gem's. The bigest problem on the trumpet's was valves!!! The last owners tried to skip steps and take short cuts ont he machineing operations so a lot trumpets shiped with valves that where too tight and really needed a lot of lapping to make them right. SO have someone that can play well like not less then say the lead trumpet player at H.S. or College or a studio musician play test it for you and give you his or her opinion. If it is a really good sounding instrument with plenty of charter it is going to sell for more since you will actualy be able to tell the buyer that it is a great sounding trumpet. I saw one guy that put a link to an audio file on his ebay sale so you could actualy hear and see him playing it. I can not recall the make and model now but I do recall that he got about $300 more then simalar condition trumpets of the same make and model becasue people could hear it and new that they where getting a player and not an expensive boat anchor!

    I played a lot of Olds back in when I was still in School that other kids had and I am trying to rember but I want to say that the Ultra Sonics where brighter and sweeter sounding then the Mendez model but lacked the 1st and 3rd triggers and did not have as fancy trim. I do not recall ever playing a Clark Terry model but I know I played Ambassador's, plenty of Menendez a few Olds Specials and One Ultra Sonic. My Mom's family is from California and I used to spend a lot of summer's their so I have ran into a bunch of Old's. Also I went to school with quite a few people who where from California as well. Olds was sold across the country but they where huge in California for a long time! In fact the older models from LA and the early Fullertone Plant models have by far the finest valves that Ihave ever felt on a trumpet or cornet!!! I do not know that anyone today has models especialy student models that have valves as fine as the old Old's.

    A good idea is to check Ebay from time to time and see what they are going for. Sometimes it is better to sell it localy to a student wanting a Pro trumpet that can not afford a modern one. Since it is like new if it play's great and is in great shape you might get more for it localy just check Ebay and see what you see!
  4. Happy Canuck

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    Of course you know that the Clark Terry was based on the Custom. The orginal Custom was designed by Zig Kanstul and R. Dale Olson as a configurable horn where you would select 1 of 3 bells and 5 leadpipes for your 'custom' trumpet. In the last years of production it was a fixed configuration. The horn was designed as a lightweight horn and eventually used the Ultrasonic bells to reduce expenses.

    The Customs are nice horns, and play very nicely, and I wish I'd never sold mine! Yes, some had the too tight valves but any top end repair shop could make that problem go away. I would expect that the Clark Terry models were monitored pretty well and came out of the shop with minimal issues. The CT Flug is very highly regarded as well.

    Alan Rouse has a CT and his comments are "It is a lightweight, very responsive horn with a fabulous upper register. " Alan's Trumpet World certainly an opinion I'd trust!

    There haven't been many CTs on eBay or TH/TM marketplaces. Most sold quickly in the $1200 - $1500 range which seems fair, and a hardly used one should fit that range. There was one fellow who had both a CT trumpet and CT flug that we was trying to sell together. Would have been a great combination but very expensive I expect.

    BUT, play it first and see how it sounds and responds for you.

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