19th Centruy valveless trumpets--who makes reproductions?

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    There are plenty of manufacturers producing reproductions of natural trumpets for the Baroque period, but I've yet to find someone who makes reproductions of instruments for Classical and Early Romantic works.

    Who makes "original" instruments for the orchestral performances of works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven & Co?
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    Here ya go!

    Classical- and Keyed-Trumpets - blechblas-instrumentenbau egger
    Romantic Trumpets - blechblas-instrumentenbau egger

    And here is a guy that will do it "on demand". I use his baroque trumpets and he organized the natural trumpet building course that I attended.
    Trompetenmacher | Werkstatt und Verkauf von historischen Trompeten

    Here is another guy that "will":
    Posaunen, Trompeten, Schalmeien und Zubehör von Voigt Brass Markneukirchen

    You may also want to contact Richard Seraphinoff. He also helps conduct the natural trumpet making course and makes reproduction instruments (mostly horns), also from the classical period. He would, for sure be the most fun in the US.:
    Natural Horns by Richard Seraphinoff


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