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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by crowmadic, Feb 4, 2007.

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    Hello C. Give the 5C Bach a try. It has the deeper C cup like the 7C. Its deeper C cup will go darker almost to a 5B. But still nice and bright in upper range. It does have a higher Alpha Angle of 19 degrees. The 3C has 18 degrees. This is on the new Bach mouthpieces. It is right between the 7C and 3C. If you like it but it has to much bite,even though the rim is flatter. You can get the older desgn or lower Alpha Angle ones through Mr. Curry. He still makes the older Mount Vernon design. Good luck
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    Chet Baker used a Bach 6, and then a Bach 6C (after his dental problems) to get his signature sound. Clifford Brown used one of the Bach 17 variants and got his great tone. I don't know whose tone you most admire, but dark does most emphatically not always equate to large rim diameters, especially if you're not called upon to play with extreme volume.

    The Bach 5C is the deepest of the Bach C cups. The Claude Gordon Personal mouthpiece is an old Bach 7 rim combined with a deep V cup and a large throat and backbore. Curry makes his TF mouthpieces, which feature very deep V cups in a variety of rim diameters. Any of these (or something else) may well be a better choice than a Bach 3C, which is indeed the shallowest of the Bach C mouthpieces.
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    Since you are buying and trying a lot of mouthpieces you might as well get a Bach 3D.

    My best advice is to attend the International Trumpet Guild conference and try a whole lot of mouthpieces and talk to the 99.9 percentile players that will be there. Finding the correct mouthpiece is a very long journey and can get expensive.

    Maybe I need to start a mouthpiece exchange or brokerage? Sell me your mouth pieces for 3 dollars and I sell them on the secondary market for $25.00. I wonder how that would go over with brass players?
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    I was going to respond to each of you because everyone had great advice, but that would take too long, and I'd mainly be saying THANKS! ML, I did mean Goldilocks.
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    What is Goldilocks?
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    I don't know how much or how well that you practice. A 3C is a pretty easy piece to get along with. It doesn't do anything spectacular but quite a bit reasonably well. I advocate getting used to something first before making any switch. If you don't, you lose your frame of reference.
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    The "real" problem with a 3C is that you can line up a hundred of them and you may fine "one" that actually feels right for you. I think this model may be one of the most inconsistent of the bunch. I know guys who have drawers full of them...all junkers.

    I know there's a camp who says..."go with what it SOUNDS like, not what it feels like". I think the answer lies somewhere more like - sounds AND feels good. One without the other sure doesn't make much sense to me.

    Best of luck...
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    If you don't mind another question in this line (sorta hijacking) - is there a mouthpiece similar to the 5C rim but the depth of the 3C? I like the sound of the 3C - but comfort-wise the 5C is better. 5C for me is stuffy.

    Great info - did not realize the 5C and 7C were deeper than the 3C. Another comment may explain why I have three 3C's that all play differently.
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    My wiseguy answer is "It's what the late Golda Meir used to put on bagels" but the real answer is that it is a reference to a popular fairytale about Goldilocks (a little blonde girl) and the Three Bears. Crowmadic referred to little Red Riding Hood but what he meant was "Goldilocks". I was basically teasing him for confusing the two little storybook girls.

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    Good one maestro!

    Rumour has it the Goldilocks was actually a "bottle blonde" though.


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