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    In another thread I was asked to write about how to solder and how to fix dents. I thought about this, and would prefer to write more general articles. I posted the "introduction" to my blog - here is the link

    For those who prefer to stay on this site (and miss the pictures), here is the text of the entry:

    Welcome to trumpet repair and maintenance 101!

    I have been asked to talk about how to fix trumpets; how to solder and how to remove dents. As an introduction to talking about this, I would like you to think about the following (true) story.

    My adult student was reading about Paris in 1830, and about how cholera arrived there. He called one of his daughters, a teaching surgeon at a highly regarded medical school, and asked her if she had ever seen a case of cholera. She said not, but that there had been a very interesting situation just recently -

    A colleague arrived at work one day with a large red rash on her arm. She consulted one of the hospital’s experts who suspected a tick bite (Lyme disease) and treated it with appropriate antibiotics. Several days later, with the the rash persisting, she was given another antibiotic. Still no change.

    My student’s daughter found out about this, looked at the rash, and declared, “I shall phone my sister, who is a farmer – she will tell you how to get rid of the rash”. The surgeon followed the protocol set out by the farmer. That is how the rash from poison ivy was treated and the symptoms relieved!

    So what has this to do with trumpet repair?

    Do nothing until you are certain that you know what the fault is. Check all possibilities before you carry out any work.

    Before you consider removing dents, and before you consider soldering joints, you must go through a checklist to make certain that you are not just perpetuating the problem that caused the issue in the first place. What broke the joint? What caused the dent?

    Soldering is a fairly simple mechanical process, as is dent removal.

    The art of repair involves diagnosing the original problem and addressing that problem whilst dealing with the presented symptoms.

    I will discuss some specific diagnosis and repair techniques in later blogs.
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    Thanks for the site! I did enjoy and agree with the article about 'singing' phrases (a method my teacher has told me often).
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    Thanks Ivan, looking forward to the next installment.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Ivan - - Thank you so much for starting a blog series on this topic. You're going to have me checking back on this daily just waiting for the next installment.

    Thanks again!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    This is awesome Ivan.. thanks
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    Nice one Ivan! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. :-)
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    Useful thread Ivan - well done, and keep up the good work.:thumbsup:
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    Thanks Ivan! Good stuff. And thanks for pointing out the differences between trumpets and cornets (cornets are comical and trumpets are cynical). Now, how about a blog on how to find therapy for your horns, in case that's what they need.:lol: (my trumpet needs to lighten up.)

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    :thumbsup::thumbsup: Thanks!!
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    Your blog is cool and informative.
    I will put it in my useful links page on my website.

    Thanks for sharing.


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