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Discussion in 'Jazz / Commercial' started by NickD, May 7, 2004.

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    Hello, folks.

    I recently uploaded a couple of new tunes. They are currently available for free download for a while. They can be found in several sites, but two below are preferred.

    The first tune is called "Getting My Modal Down." It features a little bit of moderately screamin' trumpet (nothing too terribly high). It is primarily a sparse wierd New Orelans sort of funk tune - slow groove.

    The second tune is called "Looking Out From The Stars." This is a contest piece I wrote for Mp3unsigned.com. It is a bizarre tapestry of brass and electronica interwoven in a quasi-legit/contemporary environment.

    Both can be heard at the following sites:

    Please rate if you go here. Also, you can rate more than once in an hour or two later.



    BTW, any TrumpetMaster members who are into doing independant recordings and are looking for an outlet, I seriously reccomend Mp3unsigned.com. They're free and active.

    FWIIW coming from me.



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