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    I am about to move into a newly build school in August and have been involved in heated debates over budget for my music program. Aside from the usual justification of why a Tuba would be needed, my county, like most, is cutting budgets in a major way. Along with this, the retail world is hurting for business since fewer parents are able to buy those "pro" horns.

    With all this I have a thought, maybe we need to support ourselves and our activities. As you may know I run the Maryland Trumpet Day in Bel Air Md. This event touches the lives of countless students from 6th grade to College level and also helps the area pros and amateurs get together. I am discovering this year funding is getting harder to acquire. I am sure others here on TM or over on TH who run similar events are having the same issues. Instead of giving up the cause, we can hep each other out.

    Here is my idea. If you are running an event such as a trumpet show, master class or clinic, or something else that will benefit the trumpet world in your area, post the info. here so we can check it out. Each of us can then decide and donate to that cause. For example, if anyone here donates to the MTD I can create a sponsors list so you can be recognized.

    I am talking $10.00 here, not a lot but if 100 of us do this it could really help out. Maybe even create a scholarship at some of the events. I just think we could really help to make sue these events stick around. Might not be something you guys are interested in, but I think it could work.

    www.domenicomusic.com for MTD09 Info. Click the donation link for info on how to contribute.

    Thanks TD

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