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    Trumpet folk...

    On the Just for Fun page (http://www.stewmuse.com/JustFun.html), I've added an excerpt of the Maynard arrangement of "Shaft," with my bass playing (using the term loosely here...) and Hans the drum machine providing the beat. This is created using ProTools and overdubbing myself.

    I've also now put up another jazz improv book, "On the Jazz Track 3," (http://www.stewmuse.com/Books.html) which is a moderate level jazz improv book in the style of Jamey Aebersold, using my own original tunes, plus an accompaniment CD with multiple tempos of each tune for practicing. There are several sound file samples now for this book, as well as new ones for "On the Jazz Track 2."

    Last week, I did a quintet job with Nick Drozdoff, and one of the tunes I arrranged for us was "Green Dolphin Street." It includes improv in the first trumpet part, and some fun lead in the horn and trumpet 2. This is available for FREE download on the StewMuse website.

    Lastly, I'm leaving the offer for "The Works" (http://www.stewmuse.com/TheWorks.html) up for just a few more days. Get this huge offer fast! :-)

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