A little acid-jazz Christmas Medley, fwiiw...

Discussion in 'Jazz / Commercial' started by NickD, Dec 10, 2004.

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    I justed posted a little jazz/fusion/something medley of three Christmas Carols on the three OMD's I use. I did this for an upcoming contest at Mp3unsigned.com. If you hit the Mp3unsigned site, PUULLLEEZE gimme a bunch of 10 ratings! I can use the exposure there. Vote early and often (that's cool there, you just have to wait a bit before voting a tune up again). As always, if you HATE this, just skip it as opposed to voting it DOWN (I don't make any bread from this).

    The three carols covered are Coventry Carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and a bit of Good Christian Men Rejoice on the improvised part. I use flugelhorn, and trumpet. This is a bit Chase like in that the only ensemble on top of all of the computer/synthesizer generated rhythm section I concocoted is a couple of trumpet ensemble parts. OK, I also coudn't resist a Maynard like chorus in the middle - gotta double D (C concert) in there for all high note hounds, fwiiw.

    Have fun and enjoy. It's free for the taking.


    Peace, all!

    Nick Drozdoff
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    I want to add that I also just posted another couple of new Chrstmas arrangements. One is a new Christmas Jazz medley (two) of Lo How A Rose E're Blooming and Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella. It braks from a Brian Eno like ambient feel into a jazz waltz. The harmonization is deliberatley static and ostinato like. The Low How a Rose portion is also posted separately. I've also got the Trepak as brass quintet with me on all parts, a minialist version of I Wonder as I Wander. There is some more stuff, but that's it for now. The site to go to is...


    I am entering a contest with these tunes. Please, if you vote, rate them ten and do it often!

    Thanks, and...


    Nick Drozdoff
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    Nice. You get my 10! :-)

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