A little salsa tune, plus getting flamed...

Discussion in 'Jazz / Commercial' started by NickD, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Hi folks!

    Well, I posted a little salsa tune on mp3unsigned.com. This is my first, and probably last attempt at doing salsa all by myself. I'm working on rebuilding my studio to record jazz quartets and quintets instead of all of this one man band stuff I've been doing.

    In the meantime, though, I'm still trying to learn more about music and playing, and "The Party Next Door" is another step in that process. While I am trying to get away from using high notes so much, this one does have a few scream parts and one screech solo over an out chorus (bordering on tastee - sorry), fwiiw.

    Now, this tune was # one on the user charts at Mp3unsigned.com for a couple of days, but then it got flamed. All of my stuff is having that problem over there. I am the first to concede that my music won't be liked by all, but when the preponderance of votes are 10/10 and then one 5 comes in with NO explanation or comments, this usually indicates a disgruntled user who is voting my stuff down to make room for his or her stuff.

    I am not angry or spiteful. My feeling is, "oh well... so it goes..." However, I do think it kind of neat that some trumpet piece gets up there, even in a tiny place like these OMD's. We need to get people away from "sax obsession." Mike Stewart was up there for a few days, and the same thing happened to him (Mike is also at Mp3unsigned.com).

    So if you pop by, obviously feel free to download. Also feel free to rate it by voting. But, please only vote 10/10 if you like it. If you don't feel it belongs on the charts, don't vote at all! The way the system is set up a vote of 8 or below is the kiss of death. Not voting will accomplish the same thing but is less damning.

    Ok, finally, here's the url!

    Thanks in advance for any support, and at least I hope someone sorta enjoys my stuff.

    Peace, all.

    Nick Drozdoff
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    You can vote more than once...btw

    If you do feel you can justify a 10/10, you can do it more than once, but you usually have to wait a few hours or till the next day. Stuffing the ballot box at this site is allowed, within reason, as far as I can tell.



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