A parent looking to buy HS student new trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by sa41519, Oct 12, 2004.

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    If you live near Chicago, then the Schilke plant is nearby! They have a wonderful showroom by what i've been told. If his teacher says bach and thats it, in my opinion, his teacher needs to be more open minded, i know my teacher says lets find what best or you. Tell him to try as many as he can get his chops on, bring the teacher with and pick which one he can make speak the best.
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    Oct 26, 2003
    A lot of band directors seem to say "Bach!" as if they were the be all, end all of trumpets, and they are solid horns, but in my opinion, a Bach Strad just can't stand next to a Schilke and be considered in the same league. This coming from me, a guy who has played Bach's exclusively since 1986! (Note: 2 Bachs, to be precise, and the only reason that I have never gotten a Schilke is that by the time I actually knew the difference, I was already married and I couldn't sell Mama on the idea of a horn that cost that much.) :(

    Trust me on this: If it comes down to a difference between the Bach and the Schilke and money is no option, get the Schilke. If your son is serious about playing trumpet, he'll thank you later, and you will know where the extra money went.

    There is another glaring difference here too. Bach = production line, Schilke = hand made. At one time I read a quote on one of these message boards that Schilkes were the least expensive of all of the hand made "Super Horns".

    If I had the money for it, I'd get a Schilke now. :) Acquiring a Schilke has long been on my list of horns to own, but it has just never worked out that way.
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    Here's the website for the Woodwind and Brasswind. www.wwbw.com

    Everybody's got a Bach. Until yesterday, I had four. I own trumpets from Bach, Schilke, Stomvi, Yamaha, Dotzauer, and an 1890's cornet from mystery brand. Each one has it's own use and works very well for it.

    If you want to buy a Bach Strad, I would try to find a nice used one. They work just as well if not better than a new one and you can usually find them for around $900...I wouldn't pay more than a $1000 for a used one unless there's something really special about it. I just sold my first Strad that I got new. I had two Bb's that were the same model. One was new and silver, the other much older and raw brass (use to be lacquer). I like the older one more. I picked it up at a pawnshop for $179 and had about $40 of work done on it to get it where it should have been. And look, I play it over a newer one.

    Yamaha makes great horns. There are lots of pros that use them. Schilke are great too. They are one of the few American makers that haven't got too big for there own good. Great people to deal with. When I go back to Chicago in a couple of months, I might be working for them. They offered me a job with them and they probably didn't have too. Don't leave out Stomvi. They're a fine horn made in Spain. The Brasswind carries them as well. These are great horns and are priced well. The Conn Vintage 1 is a great player too.

    Now I just recently played a Holton pro-level Bb and I really liked it! I like it more than my Strad I just sold. So I'd look at them too. If you buy I pro-level you can't go wrong. If down the road your son finds out it's not for him you can always sell it and not lose money. You won't get as much but considering that what you get out of it; you got you money's worth. My Strad was $1256 when I got it and sold it for $950. Not bad at all. And also look at it like this. If you son decides he wants to major in, let say, physics, when the time comes around but still likes to play as a hobby, he can certainly use the horn for the rest of his life if he takes care of it.

    I've bought 2 news Bach’s and 1 new Schilke from the Brasswind, 1 new Stomvi from Cambrass in California, and the other 8 I've picked up used from eBay and from individuals.

    Whew! Well I hope this has helped a bit more. I'll leave you with a couple more websites.

    Schilke www.schilkemusic.com
    Cambrass www.cambrass.com
    Conn-Selmer www.unitedmusical.com (This is Bach and everybody else under the sun)
    Yamaha http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/Catalog/Catalog_GSMOCX/0,6366,CTID%3D241100%26CNTYP%3D,00.html
    Blackburn www.blackburntrumpets.com
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    South Bend, IL?

    [Second, perhaps the best place would be Woodwind and Brasswind in South Bend, Illinois]

    Ya know Michael, I had a lot of Aggie friends when I was in the Army in the late 80s. I am glad to know the quality of education has not changed at TA&M since then. They still teach there "ain't nothing outside of Texas y'all needs to know 'bout!" I guess the same geography teacher that told my best Aggie friend that Tibet was in the middle of China taught you that Illinois and Indiana really are one great big state! :D

    All good football fans know that South Bend, home of the Fighting Irish, in the Hoosier state of INDIANA!

    Good to know you can still rib an Aggie about anything he might not know, so long as you acknowledge they are some of the best officers in the military!
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    Hi! Don't forget about King and Getzen either...Just my two cents worth...
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    Well, WoodWind BrassWind is in South Bend INDIANA---about ten minutes north of South Bend and not far from the Michigan line. It would take about 2.5 to 3 hours to get there from Chicago. I'd suggest that you call first and see what trumpets they have available for play. What's available is NOT all that is in the catalog and seems to change fairly often.

    If your son is going to play in all of these bands, you want a horn that is going to stand up to road trips. Kids and road trips are tough on horns. The only bad thing I've heard about Schilke is that they are 'fragile' and 'dent magnets'. Sooo, you might want to consider something a bit more durable. Bachs are durable, so are Conn V-1s and you can get a Conn V-1 in so many different configurations it can make your head spin.

    Another suggestion is that the Brass Bow is in Arlington, ILL.---a suburb of Chicago. The shop is owned by Wayne Tanabe and is well know for quality work on trumpets. They often have rebuilt trumpets at the shop for a good price. The URL is:

    Wayne and his partner Rich Szabo also have a gorgeous line of trumpets called 'Chicago Brass Works'. The URL is:

    Another thought is to buy one of the heavier old horns and have the horn/valves rebuilt at the Brass Bow. My Constellation is a heavy, very well built horn that can stand up to lots of abuse. The Selmer K Modifieds are another. Benge built Claude Gordons are solid and sound like a Bach.

    Anyway, there are lots of choices out there and you are in a great spot to take advantage of them. Check out the Brass Bow and WoodWind/Brass Wind and between the two of them you should find something to purchase.

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    Re: South Bend, IL?

    Dang Straight about the officers!

    Ok, ok, I admit it, I goofed. Like you haven't? And maybe if your states weren't so BORING they might be worth distinguishing :lol: !!

    just kidding...
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    if everyone has a Bach, then I would assume your son has had plenty of chances to play them, and knows what they are about. If you are willing. I say why not let him try the Schilkes. His success shouldn't be dictated by the brand name of the horn, especially with a top maker like Schilke. BUT he does need to blend tonally to some degree with the ensembles he participates in.

    I grew up in a Bach world, and my best friend had a CG Benge that she loved. She didn't have any real problems with the Bach stigma, but she could really play, and that's hard to argue with. A year or so ago, I saw her - and saw she had a Bach. She said she finally gave in to the 'pressure', & sold the Benge. She also told me how much she now regrets that decision and would give anything to have her Benge back.

    what would you suggest in the King line-up? I haven't been too impressed with any I've played. .
  9. Heavens2kadonka

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Used horns are a great bet, if you can talk your son into one. A good place I've found is here:


    (I would buy that 26-62 NY Bach, but it seems I'll never get my refund check...)

    You could also buy a used strad off of ebay for around 500-800, and modify it! A Blackburn leadpipe works WONDERS on a strad, and they allow you to try before you buy!

    Of course, if your son demands something new, try a Xeno and Kanstul. I dunno where to find good deals on the Yammie, but pickmusic.net offers EXCELLENT deals for their horns (Best I have found ever). Just my few cents..

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    Nov 24, 2003
    Just buy a Bach Strad.

    After owning quite a few different horns I am now back on a Bach. We all get excited about finding a magic horn but the a Bach can always get the job done. Every Kanstul I owned had an amazingly rich sound and I adjusted to the different slotting. But every time I'd blow thru a students bach I would remember that bach feel and I'd want it back. Guess what when I found the Bach I know play and thought it sounded even better than my Kanstul.....no one....could tell a lick a difference.

    Therefore I say go for the one that feels the best and gets the job done. Don't worry about the sound because it is extremely difficult for anyone to tell a difference unless you play two horns back to back and the differences will still be subtle.

    Buy a Bach! It will work! And if your son becomes a pro and becomes obsessed with equipment then let him spend the extra cash on the fancy horn.

    One exception. If you are filthy rich......go ahead and buy him an eclipse.

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