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    Apr 26, 2011
    I had quite the treat last night that all of you horn collectors may appreciate. Our band had it’s normal Monday night rehearsal and our trombone player who is an instrument repair tech walked in and handed me a trumpet case and said “ Here, play on some History” Opening the case was a Mt. Vernon Bach Minerva, SN S#2722. Now according to the Bach Website, This was the very first of this model made, with a manufacture date of 1958. So Vincent B. possibly built this horn. The first valve needs rebuilding and was leaky, valves out of alignment, corks bad and who knows what was inside, even so, you knew on the first note this was an incredible horn !! It played VERY easily. Since the valves were sticky I stayed on open notes and just worked it from pedal C to Dbl C and it went RIGHT UP with a HUGE sound….HUGE…did I say a HUGE sound ? Man, what a sweet horn. So now the tech is going to re-store it and I get to play it at a show for a night !!! I can’t wait to have this little piece of history back in my hands for a performance. The little old lady that brought it in bought it for her son in 1959 and it’s been sitting for 20 or so years and she just wanted to get it cleaned…..maybe I can talk her into……Nahhhh….but I’m going to try !! Just wanted to share this with all of you, what a treat !!!
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    Where does this little old lady live? :D:D:D
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    A real Treat!

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