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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Solar Bell, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. oldlou

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    Aug 28, 2005
    Grand Rapids, Mi.

    While in combat in Nam I was hit in the left side of my face by a N.Vietnamese troop. He swung an empty rifle like a baseball bat, striking me with the toe of the buttstock. This severly damaged or removed most of the upper and lower teeth on the left side of my mouth. In my severance physical the dentist discovered that the second tooth from the eye tooth on the upper was loose. He removed it and left what ended up as a fistula. This is an opening through the upper gum and mandible,( upper jaw ), into the sinus cavity. This meant that food was being stuffed up into my sinuses from my mouth and if I plugged my nose I could blow it right back out. I am sure you can envision what occured when I had a head cold and blew my nose. This went on for several years, until I decided to abandon my military benefit dentists and doctors and went to a REAL dentist, instead of the dental technicians at the V.A. hospital in Ann Arbor, Mi.. My civilian dentist sent me to an oral surgeon who installed a fitted piece of bone from a bone bank,( bone from a cadavor ), which filled the hole in the mandible. A piece of flesh and skin from the roof of my mouth was sutured into place to plug the hole in my gum. This has all healed, but, this whole thing delayed my 'comeback' for many years. I am back to my horns for a year+ and having fun playing music again, even though I still have no teeth in my upper and lower jaw from the eye teeth back. Like Chuck, I take extra good care of the few that I have left.

  2. Solar Bell

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    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit

    Glad to hear you are playing.
    Sorry to hear of your ordeal.

    THANK YOU for your time in Vietnam!!!!
    You guys were AWESOME!!!!

    I salute you!

  3. Liad Bar-EL

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Jerusalem, Israel
    Chuck your post is a saver and I only wish that I had read this a long time ago when I needed this type of information. It is a reminder as to what happened to me and how it changed my life's endeavors with the trumpet.

    When I was playing in the Air Force Band, I had a filling in the exact same front tooth right side as you and when the military dentist tried to refill it, he broke off the end of the tooth and put a little bit of a cap in it's place….no root canal……yet……..I could not use as much pressure on the lips as before which was good in some respects and bad in others. While I was in the chair of the dentist when he did this to me, I asked to see the commander and complain to him that I was a trumpet player and that this affected my career. I was told that he wasn't available. At that time I was told that I would not be able to continue playing the trumpet full time for the tooth would not hold the pressure for a long period of time. Back then I was playing/practicing at a minimum at least 6 hours a day straight.

    This made me think hard about my career with the horn, about supporting a family in the future, etc, etc, etc. A short time after I left the Air Force, the tooth was giving me continued problems had to be fully caped and it was my sign that it meant my end with pro playing. I went to night school to learn and major in something else while I was working doing construction during the day. I attended various universities and majored in various subjects and all the while I felt incomplete in all the degrees that I got, BA, MSW, Various certificates and post grad studies, etc.

    Back in those days, they did not have implants to my memory.

    You post should be an encouragement to others who have or might have this same type of condition; so, this post should not get buried in the pile after a short period of time but rather brought up to the top or put into a separate health forum in TM.

    Administrator of TM, you should really consider the importance of this post for the future trumpets players and make an endeavor to save it and display for quick reference.

    Great post Chuck and thanks for sharing this with us.

    Liad Bar-EL
  4. dabhand

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    Apr 7, 2008
    Ramsgate Kent England
    My dear Chuck
    What a story; I bow to you and get newly motivated to strive further !
    Kind regards
  5. Sofus

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Wow! If there´s something called "will power", this is it!

    You´re a true inspiration, Chuck, showing many of us what will and persistancy can do!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
    I now realize why your name is "Will-ard", and next time I bug you I´ll remember who I´m bugging (doesn´t mean that I´ll stop, though)!

    I love you, man! :grouphug:
  6. Bob Grier

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    May 4, 2007
    Greensboro, NC

    Were your top or bottom teeth overlaped? My top front two teeth overlaped causing embochure problems. In spite of this I played professionaly. In the early 1980s I have the recessed tooth bonded. All my embochure problems were gone. If you like, contact me at [email protected]

    Bob Grier
  7. Solar Bell

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    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    tpter1 is no longer here.

    Just so you don't think he's ignoring you.

  8. Bloomin Untidy Musician

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    Jan 14, 2008
    First of all, i am very glad to hear that things are improving for you Solar. It must have been a very stressful and worrying ordeal. Dentists scare me! A bad one can finish a career, and it can be difficult to assess the competence of a dentist. In England (under the NHS) you have to take what you are given due to a national shortage of dentists and funding. I have been lucky and managed to swap from a dentist who has a reputation of leaving patients with a mouthful of shrapnel to a competent one! However, if major work had to be done i would probably scrape cash together and go private.


  9. Solar Bell

    Solar Bell Moderator Staff Member

    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    It was, but the thread is ovet two years old.

    It is still agood read to encourage people.

    In the mean time, my range is back where it was and even a liottle better. (with an implant I can use even MORE pressure!)

    I am playing morer than ever and all is good with the horn and myself.

    Just home from a gig, man! I LIKE these 6:30- 10:00 gigs!


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