A very cool, and very weird night

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by JackD, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Nov 30, 2003
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    I'm a little spaced out at the moment because I only got 3 hours sleep last night - I've just started college at the RNCM in Manchester and Lincoln Center were in town last night.

    I didn't go to the main show they did (had a rehearsal) but some of my flatmates decided to go to a little jazz club here to see if they would come and jam afterwards. I was really exhausted and didn't think they would show, so I went to bed only to get a call at 1am telling me Wynton and a lot of his band had turned up at the club. I didn't actually know the way there but I jumped out of bed and legged it as far as I could physically run, luckily my wallet was in my pocket and I had just enough money (within 20p!) to get a taxi to the club and I got there within 15 minutes (thanks to the taxi driver shooting a few reds for me :-O ).

    I walked in the door to find Paul Beniston (principal trumpet with the LPO who Lincoln Center are touring with) who I've had a few lessons with, which was pretty cool and a bit weird. I then walked in to find Richard Bissill (I've probably spelt that wrong - composer and principal horn with the LPO) taking a solo with the Lincoln Center rhythm section. I had no idea he did jazz too, crazy stuff.

    I was pushing my way to the front to get a better view and there was Wynton chilling out on a chair by the stage with all my flatmates.

    Anyway it was a very surreal (bear in mind I had just woken up 15 minutes before!) but an awesome awesome night. Wynton's playing was just sensational; he played a really beautiful ballad and some crazily fast stuff, including a solo on Cherokee that was one of the best I've heard (only to be topped by another one of the trumpet players from his band playing THE best cherokee changes I've heard with about a musical quote per bar - I don't know this guy's name but my gosh he was amazing.) There was a trombone player with them who is one of the best I've heard, I think he might be new to the band as I didn't recognise him but my gosh can he play.

    I had some pretty weird but very cool conversations with Marcus Printup (who despite being a bit drunk played some damn amazing solos), Richard Bissill (a really really nice guy) Wynton and Victor Goines (one of my flatmates is a clarinet player, and he offered to play through duets with her next time he's in town)

    I got back to my flat and put my practice mute in and did an hour's practice when I got back. Talk about inspirational.

    So I thought I'd share that. It was an alright night. :cool:

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