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    May 14, 2011
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    "Presence" and "projection" are often overlooked as concepts at the expense of "loud". There can be a difference.

    And even then, it can be deceptive. I used to play in a professional band who's lead player had played lead with Woody, Stan and Toshiko just to name a few. Once, he was yelling at me, "play louder" several times in a row and I was on the verge of a double hernia and yelled back at him, "I'm blowing as loud as I can! And I can hardly hear you!" And he later told me that "loud" also meant a concept of sound. His was to project a corkscrew of sound forward. When I heard a playback of our playing, he was definitely right at the fore, no question who was leading the band.
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    I think a number of us would say you aren't going to find a better lead horn than the Super. Dense, focused, and cutting. Don't think your equipment is the issue. A Super would be what many would recommend. As Rowuk said, getting with a good lead guy should help. Lead playing is more sitting on top.
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    I will make an interesting observation --- in my community band we have like 11 trumpets (now only 3 said they could make it for today's parade) -- aside from that (I double on trombone for parades - but the trumpet section leader asked -- "can you play trumpet for this parade, we only have 3" ----- my reply was, "if all 3 of you PLAY TOGETHER (with good intonation and phrasing) -- then 3 should be plenty" ----------------------------I got the """what??? look"""" from her!!!!! --- but I played trombone in the parade, and I explained to the 3 trumpet players -------------PLAY TOGETHER, you will be fine -------------------- and they were!!!!!! I could hear them up front in the midst of 2 trombones and 2 tubas in the first row.
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    May 7, 2011
    I'm tellin' you guys that a 40's Super with a 13a4a will peel paint.

    You just gotta put some air through it. That rig is not a prancing pony like your soprano. If that is not your style then try a lighter horn... Maybe a GC Benge, or a step bore horn like a Shew that may respond with a more delicate airstream.

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