about practicing softly.. how does this work?

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    Inconceivable! :oops:

    A timely thread.

    Am working away on Brandt's 6th orchestral etude: an arpeggiated waltz that whirls (vertically mostly) and floats/flies (horizontally mostly) begging soft kisses of Bb's atop the staff here and there.

    Soft is good.

    My rudimentary skills dictate a measure at 58. NOT 76 as Vassily would have it.

    If I practice at an mf+ or forte and bang out notes a few things happen:

    I tire.

    Whirling and floating (even at a slow tempo) bug-out & the evil squatters slogging and thumping take up residence.

    The waltz becomes some sort of a Gonzo v Cookie Monster chest thumping icky thing.

    I bit off more than I chew, certainly.
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    sounds like you really feel the piece.. would love to hear a clip of you playing it
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    Jul 18, 2006
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    I was just a kid when I quit. I am INFINITELY more patient now that I am, well, somewhat grown up.

    ...Look, there's two points here, and I agree with both of them.

    One, is soft playing develops the embouchure slowly and correctly. It promotes Tone, Musicality, and Control.

    The other, is learning to play Dynamics, as a necessary part of correctly following what is on the music. It's about learning and improving Musicianship.
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    NO - patience has been my forte -- so to speak. In that I have found that a Double C, and playability in that range is attainable (and pp it is playable). Low impact and high reps has allowed me to achieve more than I ever imagined in range, and flexibility -- Actually, I have neglected LOUD playing for the most part over the past 3 years --- and unfortunately I've neglected some dynamic expression. Recently after joining a community band last month ---- I can see these deficiencies come into play. My point was for comebackers (and everyone) ---YES, play softly -- BUT don't forget to LEARN to play dynamics expressions, and crescendo, and decresc. and play at different volumes.!!!!!!!! I thinnk that would also be very beneficial. (can I and will I learn to play dynamics -- and the harder part is to do that in a group) --the answer is YES -- but I think the learning curve would have been much faster -- had I NOT just tried to play soft --ALL OF THE TIME---IMHO.
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