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Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by NickD, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Well, the this part of ther forum said almost anything goes...

    I do like to make the occassional announcement of new posts whenever I put some new music up on the internet. I relish the opportunity to share. I have, on occassion, however, overstepped my bounds (on TPIN for example). I really don't mean to do that.

    So, in an effort to consolidate here, I am creating this little new topic about my new primary music site. Whenever I put some new music up, I will post a reply here, and ONLY here! That way I won't be just flat out bugging you by putting stuff all over the place.

    To that end, I want to make it formal that my new PRIMARY music site online will be Mp3unsigned.com. For a variety of reasons, I feel that has been a very effective place for me to share my work. All of the music you hear there you can download for free while it is there. I do rotate the tunes (15 of them) on occasion.

    As of now (6/15/05) my page is the most often viewed page on the site. All ego aside, I simply feel that it bodes well for music that my stuff gets listened to enough to compete with all of the pop, hip-hop and gangsta rap that is on most OMD's. I don't know how long that will last, but I'll simply enjoy the moment. I don't kid myself that my work is something particularly special other than it is simply mine to share.

    Here is the basic url:


    Sure I'll still be at Ampcast.com and Acid Planet.com, but those will be only minimally maintained.

    I am planning on quite a bit of recording in the near future, so I hope to put up quite a few posts here.

    Thanks in advance for any support you feel you can give. I am grateful for even one listener who actually listenes to my stuff.

    Peace, all!

    Nick Drozdoff
  2. NickD

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    OK, here are a couple of tunes...

    I have two tunes which are "retreads;" i.e., I have had them up there before, but they have been out of rotation for awhile.

    They're kinda wierd, but the general listeners at Mp3unsigned.com seem to like them. Here are the direct links. If you can fnd the time and justification to register and rate the tunes, please give them a 10/10 rating. If you don't like them (just to non-jazz-like or flat out goofy), just give them a pass. They are NOT trumpet geek tunes - no high notes or lightening fast pasages. OK, there is one jazz/rock piccolo trumpet solo, but please don't hold that sacrilege against me (though I can't imagine why you shouldn't!).

    A Call To Giving (this one has the outrageous piccolo thing)

    Kepler's Query, Brahe's Lament

    Please drop by and CHURN my account! I.e., hit REFRESH as often as you can! I can use the hits! ;-)

    Ok, I'll leave this post up as long as I leave those tunes up. When they go, I'll delete the post.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and/or drops by.

    Peace, all!


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