Achilles Heel: performance anxiety

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    OK Seriously: ANXIETY. It can be functional. It can be detrimental. That is why we humans evolved to where we are as a species in which anxiety plays a POSITIVE selection advantage.

    So in confronting anxiety to keep it functional, I also choose behavioral change over drugs, even though I am a physician and have a license to prescribe (as I tell my patients... my license is 007... license to kill).

    So here it is: Extinguishing therapy is best. As mentioned above... Play out in front of a crowd (at a park, in the subway, up in the balcony mid way through a Chris Botti concert) any place where for you... it isn't a make or break moment.

    Also... drink plenty of water, and have a glass of iced water with a big wedge of lemon in it close by when you are playing to keep your lips moist... or at least to give you the impression that your lips are moist.

    If you are still nervous, then just before a performance, breath rapidly and repeatedly into a paper bag until you start filling giddy and a tingly feeling takes over...

    AND THEN AND ONLY THEN if the above does not work... come to me and I will provide you with drugs...007 license to kill.
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