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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by hubnub, Aug 17, 2008.

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    With all the good advice already offered - perhaps you could try David Monettes body centering exercises (and playing) while sitting on a hard chair. David gives advice on the Monette website about stance and sitting when playing. I know many of us LIKE to stand when playing, but if you sit properly you may minimise the apparent effect of the low ceiling. Just a thought. :dontknow:
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    Hard reflective surfaces are the key. Anything else in the room will interfere with the standing waves (hope I'm not showing my ignorance here) and work against reverberation, including tables, chairs and kids toys. When setting up an audio system (where you actually want a dead room), I've seen people pull their books and records out at varying increments to remedy an otherwise "parallel-wall" situation.

    In any event, you're not going to get very much "hang time" out of a room that size, but it should make it a lot less stuffy. I guess you could get a program for your computer that would add reverb to your sound, and play it back through an audio system, but you would have to set it up properly to avoid an oscillation loop (feedback).

    Good luck.

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    There was a material called masonite (from years ago when the earth was still flat, and I was young) It was a hard shiny surface on one side. The common color was brown, but in later years saw it in several colors. It probably was full of asbestoes, and is no longer made. This stuff ws excellent for reflecting sound. The hard plastic-like material used for counter tops on inexpensive bathroom or kitchen counters/cabnets. Glue this stuff to a sheet of plyboard/chipboard. Mount it at an angle, or just lean against the wall, that way it's adjustable. I think you'll like it!
    Have fun!

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