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    Questions and help, please.

    First a quick background.

    I am an OF player. OF does not mean old fart or over forty, unfortunately. A few years ago I took about a semester's worth of lessons from a former Adam student, Tom Brown, when he was adjunct faculty at UW-LaCrosse. My job duties changed and I couldn't get free on the days Tom was in town to continue lessons. The "routine that is not a routine" that is published here is real close to what Tom had me doing with the exception of Schlossberg ex 6 and 17 and the expanding scales. Maybe I wasn't far enough along for the scales???

    I have been trying to do Caruso since last April with the help of the TH forum, but for personal reasons I want to change. I don't believe there is a Caruso student closer than Minneapolis.

    Can theses exercises be done and a person progress without regular lessons with an Adam student?

    The closest Adam students I know of are Tom Brown in Eau Claire, WI and Ron Fox at Decorah IA. At least I've heard that Fox is a former Adam student. Both locations are a 150 mile round trip for a lesson. How often would a person need a lesson?

    When playing the Schlossberg studies, how fast should they be played?

    It appears that all of the Schlossberg studies are to be extended down to the first harmonic no matter how high they may start or ascend before descending. Is that true?

    I play flugelhorn in a British style brass band and rarely touch my trumpet from Sep through the end of May. Then I make the switch to trumpet for June, July and August to play in municipal band. I don't have time to practice on both instruments. Which one would be best?

    By playing as much as you rest do you play every line of the exercise and rest or is it appropriate to rest after you do line of an exercise. Exercise 31 would be rather long and strenuous, at least for me, if I didn't take a break and rested.

    If a person does take a break is the goal eventually to do the whole exercise before resting?

    I'd appreciate any help or insights.

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