Advice for a Young Trumpeter's Parents

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by AKoopmann, Jan 6, 2008.

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    i disagree, i got my bach stradivarius (MSRP: $2,500-3,000) last year at the age of twelve, and it's the greatest trumpet i own. I'm definitly going to be playing it for a LONG time after this.

    I suggest going with Bach instruments, something about that sound.

    In your specific case, a Bach TR200 Silver Finish model will definitly get the job done.
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    Well, that settles it! :-)
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    Hi, Parents,

    You said:

    "I hope the members of this forum can give me some advice. Neither my wife nor I are musicians, but our twelve-year old son, who has been playing about four years, has been called by one of his teachers “the most naturally talented trumpet player I’ve seen in 25 years.â€

    Why not tell the teacher that you want to buy your son a new trumpet and ask his advice?

    You didn't say that the teacher insisted your son needed a new trumpet at this time, nor did you indicate his advice on purchasing a particular trumpet that would be good for your son.

    What recommendations did the teacher make?

    You've had a good number of responses here, but what does your son's teacher say?

    Best wishes,

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    I would have to agree with jazz9 though. I wouldn't give a 12 year old something like a professional model quite yet. Like he said it's really expensive and if money is no object then it's all good, but there's still liabilities to take into consideration. Since he's obviously going to keep playing in band he'll probably have to be in marching band and that can mean trouble. I was even in marching band last year (freshman year at the university of La Crosse) and I banged up my horn a bit, luckily it was still my starter horn. I will say this though, I bought a Bach Strad this year like 3 months ago or so and it's really improved my playing. I guess basically what I'm saying is that going through high school that horn will probably take abuse, it might get banged accidentally on walls walking in from pep band or other activities, left on a cement floor, or any other number of things. I've seen them all happen (even saw someone's trombone slide snap off when he was in a trombone fight or something ridiculous). It'll play better but then he may be stuck with a really banged up horn in college unless you go out and spend another thousand or so. also, as far as the internet goes one of our trumpets in the Wind Ensemble bought a professional trumpet online and when she got it it was in horrible condition despite the product description AND picture. It was dented in the bell and scratched all over. That was e-bay, if you order it from an online dealer or something it'll probably be fine.
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