Advice on any decent and affordable trumpet brands.

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    I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am in search for an affordable, professional quality trumpet. I now own a Holton Collegiate T602 passed down from my uncle, but I am not quite satisfied with it. In Hawaii there are not many music stores that sell trumpets and I don't know many online sites that I can trust and sell low priced trumpets. Can anyone give me advice on where I can find a good, well-priced trumpet online and what brands I should consider buying?
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    Aug 19, 2010
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    The Honolulu Symphony is filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy. I would seek out the musicians from the trumpet section to see if any are looking to sell instruments to backfill their loss of income.
    You might also be able to connect for some good lessons,
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    Welcome to trumpet master. Your question is one that can use a little patience. Try keeping your eyes and ears open here on TM. Also ebay is a good place to learn what is available and what its value is, to some extent. I dont recomend you buy on ebay though, its risky for a young person with no experience. You could make a mistake there.

    Your Holton is a sound horn but as a hand-me-down I understand that it may not satisfy you. BTW congratulations on moving up from french horn to trumpet, dont get us started here on french horn bashing. There is an area here on TM called classifieds that you can buy a trumpet from a trumpet player with some comfort that you will be getting the straight story. If you are asking for advice on what horn to buy be prepared to be inundated with opinions.

    Heres where patience will pay off for you. The more you research and play as many other horns as you can, the happier you will be after you deside on a winner. Ask to play some of your band mates horns, do some of them have better sounding instruments? Ask you instructor for ideas on music stores on the islands, there must be SOME there somewhere. Go on line to instrument makers websites and read, read, read. As a sophmore you have time on your side. If it takes a year for you to be sure, so be it. Often stated here on TM when it comes to a new purchase, if you are patient enough the right trumpet will find you.

    As for reputable makers, well the list is long. Bach, Yamaha, Shilke, Getzen (my personal favorite) Kanstul, and many more. Might I suggest an afordable pro horn would be a Getzen 700s Eterna II or a 900s Eterna Classic or 907 Proteus. Yamaha is a reputable maker at a reasonable price in their intermediate and pro areas. Bach Stradavaris models are very popular and readily available used. The skys the limit. Have fun and take your time, do your homework and you will enjoy that new, or used-new to you trumpet. Best wishes.
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    Also check out Home

    You can also search Carol Brass on Ebay.

    They are a dealer for Carol Brass, which produces some awesome trumpets, regardless of price. The advantage is you get a new horn, with a manufacturer's warranty, plus a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from CMS. Hard to go wrong!
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