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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by New2jazz, May 18, 2012.

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    I too am a product of the RAM and later the LCM., in my day one had to study all facets of music including transcription and arranging/composing. Is this no longer the case?
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    May 7, 2011
    Let me add that I also think the #1 thing you can do to become a good improviser is to become a solid fundamental trumpet player. Improvisation is about listening to and interacting with the rhythm section over the chord changes and expressing/exchanging musical ideas. Not being able to PLAY what you can THINK can become a hangup in that process and then your solos could decompose into a mindless regurgitation of licks you have learned.

    Learning licks, scales, and patterns are important... but they are just the tools to give yourself the vocabulary to express your own musical ideas. Expression is part of the outcome, not just regurgitation.
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    Listen, listen listen. Just like you did when studying classical music. You probably have a lot of theory which is great. You'll need it Find a good jazz teacher who knows how to work with a jazz novice. Improvisation runs through all styles of music. jazz improvisation has to swing. A great series for this are the Jim Snidero books "Jazz Conception. Available from Aebersold. These have play a long CDs. The only real way to learn to swing is to play with players who swing. It can't be describe only felt.
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    also if you try to switch instruments (if you haven't already upgrading) get a new mouthpiece.

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