Advice would be nice, lovely Trumpetmaster guys and gals!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by cantplaytrumpet, May 27, 2012.

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    on an agreement with that -- I played the trombone in the Memorial day parade (in our community bands -- Home Town) -- my Trombone debut, The first time through the songs -- I was tentative in front of the home town crowd --- Congressman Tom Reed was there a few steps ahead of me even (seeing is how we never rehearsed the marches -- OH YEAH BABY, I have an opinion on that) ---------- but after the initial tentativeness wore off --- and the crowd was cheering ---and all 3 of us trombones were getting together on the sound ------YES, I(we) made some mistakes, but Man we had BIG sound --- and the crowd loved that. By the end of the parade -- the last time through the songs, BIG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL sound.
    sorry -- that I have been infatuated with the trombone in most of my posts recently -- but it is performance, and only playing that for 6 months now --- it does give clues into a lot of posts like this one ----BUT I AM A TRUMPET PLAYER ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL
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    I agree with those who say you have a good sound and are managing long phrases OK. You played Greensleeves with out a hitch fingering-wise too. I think the single most helpful thing you could do would be to get some lessons. Save up some $$, forgo a movie or two and stop buying sodas (which you do unless you are really different), and either find someone locally or hook up with Bob Grier who posted above, and do some lessons via SKYPE. You can handle the technology no problem since you were able to produce that video.
    Please, I know I am repeating what others said, but it is because lessons will make a huge difference, and a few $$ thrown in that direction will be money well spent. I will kick in $20 towards your first lesson with Bob, if you go that route. Just have him PM me and I'll send him a check.
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    Thank you Trumpetmaster for this site and for allowing me to post. As i see it you might want to change your title. You can play! You want to be better. Great ! Your motivation speaks clearly. . But here's my take. . My son has been playing in his school for 6 yrs now. 3 months ago I asked if he would like private lessons w/ a trumpet prof. His improvement was heard by all including his shool music teacher. Individual lessons with a pro who you like and consistant practice on his recomendations is a way to start. That is my advice. When your ready take your practice outside once in awhile. Show the world your stuff. Just dont do it before or after curfew hrs...

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