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    Ok, .. I wrote my letter to Santa Claus, posted it to the North Pole etc...

    Hey presto, on Christmas morning, I opened one of my presents that contained the two Abersold books I requested. MAGIC! :D

    The books I have are..

    Volume 25 - All-Time Standards
    Volume 42 - Blues in All Keys

    I already owned Volume 3 - The II-V7-I progression, which I didn't really work at much.. maybe I should have started with a different book.

    What is the best way to utilise these books? (I have to admit, I haven't read all the text at the begining of these books yet... which may answer my question..partially!)

    I do have some experience playing improvised music, mainly Blues in F and a few other tunes..(played in a couple of bands while at college... )

    What is your experience with these books?

  2. Anonymous

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    Oct 21, 2003
    PH will have some ideas on this one for sure!
  3. PH

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    Dec 2, 2003
    Bloomington, Indiana
    Wow! This is a huge subject. This is almost like saying "How do you use the Arban book?"

    The volumes you got are excellent. If you are just starting out with improv I would get the Vol. 1, Vol. 24 Major/Minor, Vol. 84 dominant 7th Workout, and Vol. 54 Maiden Voyage volumes to begin.

    Really learn the basic scales by using Vols. 1, 24 & 84. Get familiar with the ii- v7 I progression with vol. 1 & 3. I consider these volumes (plus 21 & 16) to be "the Arban's of improv". You can learn all you need to about making basic chord changes from these exercise and technique oriented sets.

    The texts in these books (especially vol. 1, 24, & 21) will give you a good start. Jamey's video "Anyone Can Improvise" is also fabulous.

    However, if you only work on learning your scales and chords with exercises it is no different than someone who plays hours a day of long tones and lip slurs but never plays music.

    You have to transfer and apply everything you learn from the exercises to musical situations in order to complete the process. This is where the volumes of repertoire come in (starting with 54 and proceeding to the sets of standards, bebop tunes, "composer sets" like the Ellington or Parker volumes, etc.)

    To complete the picture you need to do a ton of listening to great jazz recordings by master artists (preferably with your horn in your hand trying to play what you hear on the recordings). You also must absolutely try to play with other people...eventually for an audience.

    Good luck! Let the adventure begin...
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    Nov 19, 2003
    Jimmy Owens gave me volume 34 for Christmas. It's time to begin a new musical adventure. Every time I play with Jimmy I marvel at his discipline and patience. I have not approached the trumpet like a jazz player in more than thirty years. This is fun!

  5. davidquinlan

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    Excellent, thanks for the advice guys..

    .. happy new year !
  6. Youri le god

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    Jan 23, 2004
    London, UK
    Hi Dave,

    Blimey, your're round the corner from me!!! I'm sorting out a Jam session down at the Bailey in New Barnet in a couple of weeks. There'll be a few trumpet players there, we're all friendly. PM me if you want the details.

  7. davidquinlan

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    Ah Interesting... I'll keep that in mind, got a lot of other stuff (brass band) on at the moment.
    I don't know if you know The Wagon (which has been recently refurbished) on Chase Side here in Southgate, they have just started live Jazz sessions there on Sunday Nights. Guys from the Jazz course at Middlesex Uni are involved I believe.
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    Sep 29, 2004
    jazz improv

    Just for David,

    Trumpet Herald.


    The first thread there.

    You'll know what to do...

    Hope this helps!! Jazz Man

    (a public service announcement)
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    Apr 26, 2005
  10. Jazz Man

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    Sep 29, 2004
    That hyperlink above takes you to a thread that has had well over 100
    lessons posted. These lessons will take you step by step right from the
    very beginning, using the Aebersold series as your method. The thread
    has had over 10,000 views in only three months time... and it has been
    the "thread of the week" there for almost ten weeks now!! Currently at
    an intermediate level, about where a student would be after two years.

    One can follow this thread all the way through from the very beginning,
    as a very complete couse of study, one lesson at a time!! Go and check
    it out! Hey, free improv lessons! :cool:

    Jazz Man

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