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    Nov 19, 2003
    I received this from Jimmy Owens-


    1. If you were a member of AFM Local 174-496 (New Orleans), the office
    manager Kim Foreman urgently requests that you send him an e-mail letting
    him know your new contact information. There may be benefit programs in the
    future, including financial help and donations of instruments, and he needs
    to know your new info so that you can apply for the benefit programs in the
    future. You can e-mail Kim Foreman at [email protected]. The
    full contact information is: Kim Foreman, Office Manager, AFM Local 174-496,
    2305 Robley Drive, Lafayette, LA 70503; (337) 984-4624 (home); (337)
    781-5055 (cell); [email protected];

    2. Try calling the local AFM office in the city you are in right now. Say
    that you are displaced New Orleans musician and ask what assistance may be
    available. You can find your local AFM office by going to and
    clicking on “Find a Local.†Or call the AFM headquarters in New York City at
    (212) 869-1330 and say that you need to know the phone number of the AFM
    local in the city you are in.

    3. The AFM has created the Gulf Coast Relief Fund to help members who have
    been impacted by Katrina. The AFM will match every dollar contributed, up to
    $100,000. The AFM is working with Local 174-196 to figure out how musicians
    can apply for this fund, so make sure you follow step #1 (above) and e-mail
    Kim Foreman with your current contact info. The person at the AFM who knows
    about this fund is Sahid Fawaz and you can reach him at [email protected] or
    (212) 869-1330, ext. 229. Also check out this Web page:

    4. The Jazz Foundation of New York City is collecting instruments to donate
    to New Orleans musicians. The foundation is going to work with Local
    174-496. So again, follow step #1 (above) and make sure Kim Foreman has your
    current contact info. You can also check out this Web page:

    5. The Actors Fund helps all those in the entertainment industry, including
    musicians. Musicians in need should call the fund at (800) 221-7303, say
    where you are calling from, and ask to have an intake worker paged. Those
    who get voicemail should transfer to extension 119.

    6. Here’s a Web page for the Houston jazz community reaching out to
    displaced New Orleans musicians: It also has a
    growing list of musicians who
    have been located in Houston.

    7. The New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC) can be contacted at
    [email protected] or (337) 989-0001.

    (8. QUESTION: Is Local 802 offering direct financial assistance to displaced
    New Orleans musicians who have made it up to New York City? If so, should
    they contact Leslie Cardell in the MAP office?)

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