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    Last night I finally found my old tape that I received a few years ago...when AL MOLINA was here in Seattle.
    Thanks to Al...he made my morning commute from hell..much easier.

    Al is from the Frisco-Bay area...who roots are deep in Bop-Latin-and lyrical. Impossible to put Al's trumpet style or a box! When he plays that awesome old Yama Flug of his...he often uses this soulful-fuzz edge effect to enhance a hot hot hot edge to his trumpet vocalizations...that are simply beautiful. Best of all, his recordings are not just ALL AL...he has that special ability to know how to SHARE THE SPOTLIGHT and has that special sense and talent for constructing a beautiful flowing presentation to his songs.
    He does it all so well, and always seems to hang with some really steller musicans.
    Al's improv is always so refreshing..It was a great find. I was still unpacking a bunch of box's marked "trumpet-stuff!"

    Molina, Shew, and Condoli were attending the Port Townsend Jazz fest about the time Al's beautiful CD "Straight from the Heart" hit the scene.
    Check out what he has to say about a teaching-learning-listening idea that he calles "rote."
    Claude Gordon talks of this very same concept...that he adopted natually as a child... check it out? and
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    Thanks for the info bad boy!

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