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Discussion in 'Horns' started by ScreaminTrumpet, Jun 16, 2004.

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    I'm currently shopping around for something new. Planning on making a trip to Tulsa in the next week or two. A friend and I are going to make a good old road trip of it. Before we embark on our adventure, what are some horns that I might want to look into. I do mainly "legit" kind of work, but I want the flexibility to really open it up at the same time. What should I take a look at in the Calicchio line? Advice? Larry help me!!!
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    Dave, I think your assessment of the 1s/7 is right on the money. The #7 pipe brings the " feeling of the blow " right to the end of the mouthpiece ( right to your face ) like a Bach 25 pipe would, but then it flairs faster after the venturi giving the player a more open feeling to the blow and alot more volume potential.

    The other pipe would be the #3 which is alot like a Bach 25 pipe as far as feel, but with a much longer, more even taper to it.


    Jerry Hey , who liked the feel of a Bach 37 , but wanted a Calicchio type sound and airflow , when he got to LA ( when he was with Seawind ) like the #3 pipe because it gave him a 37 feeling . So when Jerry was recording and wanted a tight , quick response to his notes , like the Micheal Jackson 16th note stuff ... very tight and compressed notes that start and stop quickly he'd like the #3 pipe, but when he'd do a large group or TV or Movie recording when he wanted a more " Chuck Findley " type sound , he'd have a 1s/2 in front of him.

    The #3 does give the Bach player a more " Bachish " feeling when going to a Calicchio , But a #7 will give you more volume and power with a " wall " feeling to blow against, which some players really like.

    You didn't mention what mouthpiece you'd be using , but if you stick to the Bach 1c , then you might need the added efficiency of the #3 pipe.

    The other trumpet to try that wasn't available in Hollywood would be the new " Dave Trigg " model. Again, it's a very efficient, well-balanced trumpet that will give you all the Calicchio traits and then some.

    I know they have one at ITG, but I may be sold. Calicchio has backlog of orders so , they probably don't keep a large stock in the showroom. Most that are made are already spoken for so call ahead.

    Maybe ever a 3 /2 would be something you'd like. Walt Johnson used to play that model. The #3 pipe would give you efficiency and stability to the core of the sound and the #2 bell would give you more broad tone, but still have some compaction for projecting.

    Also, a bell made with the " L " material may also give you what your after, it would definitely give you more efficiency and a quick response if you decide to use a large mouthpiece like th Bach 1C. Your notes would be more instantaneous because of how it takes so little energy to get it to vibrate at a high velocity.

    Again, what mouthpiece you choose will affect your decision. A 1C rim and more commercial underpart would probably give you more of that " sizzle " and impact that you may be after. Just a thought. I would suggest a Reeves 43S cup with a 69 or 692 backbore. Can't go wrong with that set-up. Bob can cut and thread a Bach 1c rim to that underpart or make a Bach 1c rim from his files. I know he did one for Byron Stripling . Byron also uses a Bach #1 rim with different underparts.

    Again, this is all " cyber-advise " and could be 180 degree's from what you really need, but you asked for it and so it shall be.

    PS - John is now producing the SOLO COPPER again, he actually brought one to ITG. I believe it's a custom order item.

    Of course, there is always the #2 pipe, you really can't fo wrong with this pipe in getting the quintessential Calicchio sound an feel. If you like more of wall to blow against but like th #2 sound , try a #2s pipe. The venturi will be smaller giving you added resistance at the begging of the pipe, this tends to help attached alot.

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    Jan 15, 2004
    I have a 1S7 with a ML bore, made by John Duda, coming at the end of this week or early next week to try. I am looking for an all around horn -most of my playing is in two community bands, church and a trumpet ensemble. I thought the 1S7 would be the best all around fit for me. I need some resistance to blow agains't. I used to own a Selmer 80J (.463 bore that played larger) and it was too large for me. So, a large bore will not work for me. Once I get the horn I'll post my impressions.

  5. CalicchioMan

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    Dec 23, 2003
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    For all around playing, the 1s/7 or 1s/2 would probably be best. If you're going to Tulsa..take the opportunity to try as many models as you can! The Tulsa horns are great!

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