All things being equal, what gives each trumpet player his/her unique sound

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by coolerdave, Feb 16, 2012.

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    infinity.. the amount of variables used in the making up of ones tones .. this is what I am getting from this thread, but I am really thinking to just go for maximum resonance and let of the Zen stuff take care of itself.
    infinity... the paths this thread could possibly take .. which is really good because it stops me fro mthinking too much
    infinity .. the amount of ROTFL King Trumpet will use before he feels he has worn that emocon out
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    Don't worry about mouth size in reference to playing. It is only necessary to keep an eye on it when talking to other trumpeters before and after playing...... The same applies to your bone structure.

    We are the sum of the things that we DO. Small people do not have any disadvantages when playing. Small brains have issues everywhere.

    Al Vizzutti is not one of the biggest guys on the planet but can knock you down with his playing.

    Resonance is the answer and there are many paths there.
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