All trumpeters using same mouthpiece

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Joe44, Jun 19, 2011.

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    "She [flute player] also changes the foot for the same reason and I do believe this changes the key of the instrument, only because the normal foot is called a C foot"

    Actually, the C foot has two keys which allow the player to reach C. The B flat foot has three keys and allows the player to reach B flat
  2. Charles652011

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Indiana, USA
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    Gee, that sounds like a trumpet / cornet!

    I'm still looking for the busker who played Maleguena (sp??) on a clarinet using a trumpet or cornet mouthpiece. Seemingly, I chased him off. Do I still have a "police" stature and command disciplined voice? Gosh, I hope not!
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    You missed my point.:shhh:

    You can give an entire high school section of clarinets all 2.5 tension reeds and get away with it. They speak easily and allow for a fair amount of endurance for a weaker embouchure. Perhaps it is suboptimal for some, but all can still play reasonably well. If that is the "effect" that the teacher is looking for - for the trumpet section, the results are different - many cannot play on standard hardware because of deficiencies in their playing or mismatches with their face muscle structure.

    I was not reducing 2.5 tension reeds to "beginner" status. What you missed is that there CAN be a motivation for a school music teacher to try and even the playing field out. That can lead to an attempt to standardize based on experiences with other instruments like reeds or percussion. The brass discipline does not lend itself to that type of equalization.

    It is very easy to jump on the teacher for things that may seem obvious to us. Maybe the logic here is different. We do only have the students side of the story and we know that the student is ALWAYS 100% objective.........

    For the record, I have played the saxophone almost as long as the trumpet (30 years), this thread is about school band not professionals. Performance was not the issue, rather evening the playing field. I am not sure what point you were trying to make.

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    joe44 -- anyway that you can forward these posts to your Ex-teacher???? who knows they might actually give her some perspective of a trumpet players thought process.
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    or it could cause controversy because most directors don't like admitting there are fields of music they truely don't understand

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