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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Haste2, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Jun 16, 2010
    Last Wednesday's concert in Salt Lake City featured the Utah Wind Symphony, a professional band.

    Here are some samples of their playing:
    Utah Wind Symphony Highlight Reel March 2012 - YouTube

    Allen Vizzutti was the guest soloist. I've never had such a great listening experience come from a soloist before.

    He has great musicianship, no doubt... world-class musicianship and technique. I never liked his sound on recordings, though... so bright and brassy and undesirable tone color(s). His sound is WONDERFUL in person, though.... this only reminds me that we need to listen to trumpet players as much as possible in person, or else we will really miss out.

    He played (*surprise*) Carnival of Venice by Del Staigers. He also did the famous trumpet-rotating trick in one of his encores. I'm sure he's tired of doing those things by now, haha. He also played Ode for Trumpet by Alfred Reed. My favorite, though, was "The Rising Sun", composed by Vizzutti.

    Vizzutti's quite the funny guy.... he did a master class that same day. One of his tips was to just relax and start playing, rather than being....nervous beforehand. The way he demonstrated being nervous, though....hilarious. It's what I imagined Mr. Bean would do. =P
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    I really enjoy the video of him playing the blues tune with his classically trained wife. She's a meticulously clean player and he's humorous. Together it was a very memorable performance video. I think the bright tone you describe has a lot to do with the difficulty of recording horns. Also digital age stuff tends to compress the living snot out of music. Analogue recordings will always reign supreme. It's ironic after all these years that good old fashioned tape has the best sound.

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