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  1. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator Mezzo Forte User

    Jul 14, 2010
    So its that time of year. I don't have bad allergies, but enough that it makes it more difficult to play trumpet. Are there any good tips for dealing with these? I find playing a little in the morning helps me clear my head, but somehow I don't feel like doing extended practices these days.
  2. Buck with a Bach

    Buck with a Bach Fortissimo User

    Dec 29, 2009
    Canton, Ohio
    Mine are killing me already, and spring's just started!:-o:-(
  3. gmonady

    gmonady Utimate User

    Jan 28, 2011
    Dayton, Ohio
    Flonase, 2 puffs once a day. It takes 2-4 weeks to "kick in" and has to be used everyday, but it works well when used in this way. For next year if you are started on Flonase, begin taking it about 2 weeks before allergy symptoms begin... in this case, it sounds like starting in the last week of February would work well. You can stop using it once you get through the flowering tree season. In the meanwhile, try over the counter Claritin, 10 mg. This may help.
  4. patkins

    patkins Forte User

    Nov 22, 2010
    Tuscaloosa, AL.
    Since my wife has let me play my trumpet in the house after buying a Yamaha Silent System, my allergies quit bothering me. Yeh, playing trumpet outside really sucks!
    I agree with the Doctor above. Flonase is excellent advice!
  5. codyb226

    codyb226 Banned

    Mar 9, 2011
    Florida, US
    Yeah, they bug me. But only in the early morning. Not enough to get some drugs for it though. I just blow my nose a lot and it usually will go away. When I cut the yard I will have to take some Zurtek to help with the congestion.
  6. RHSbigbluemarchingband

    RHSbigbluemarchingband Mezzo Piano User

    Jan 17, 2009
    Take some standard Loratadine (allergy relief medicine) from your local drug store every day in the morning. It comes in non-drowsy types, and it will clear up the majority of your allergy symptoms. I take it every day once allergy season hits, and it works very well!
  7. bach37

    bach37 Pianissimo User

    Dec 1, 2011
    I dislike spring and the fall. Nose congestion, pressure, headache, Weird ear ringing thing. Makes Practicing the trumpet miserable. 2 weeks and a box of sudafed and I will be as good as new. My allergies are like clockwork.
  8. kehaulani

    kehaulani Fortissimo User

    May 14, 2011
    Hawaian homey
    I live in one of the allergy capitals of the US and they kill me. There are days when I spend most of the days just sneezing. It's really debilitating. I've never had that experience before - anywhere and I've lived or traveled all over the western hemisphere. Sucks. If it weren't for family responsibilities that brought me here from Germany in the first place, I'd leave.
  9. sounds7

    sounds7 Forte User

    Sep 4, 2004
    New Orleans
    This time of year is hell for me. Everything is blooming in New Orleans. To make matters worse I have sleep apnea and when I can't get air through my nose I can't sleep. I use a C-pap machine. So to get it to work you have to tighten down the straps so air doesn't leak out the sides of the mask because its not going through the nose because it is stopped up. That mask tightening thing is killing my embouchure and my range at the moment. Anyone here ever deal with that?
  10. gmonady

    gmonady Utimate User

    Jan 28, 2011
    Dayton, Ohio
    I have not dealt with this, but it is a truly understandable reaction with the swelling of nasal turbinates during allergy season. I would strongly recommend a trial of Flonase during the allergy season, as I noted above. Unfortunately, it is too late to start this medication at this time, as it needs to be started 2-4 weeks prior to the onset of the allergy system.

    HOWEVER all is not lost. I would suggest getting a prescription for Atrovent nasal spray 0.7% and use it just prior to bedtime. This should help shrink the nasal turbinate overnight and can be used nightly for an extended period of time. You do NOT want to use Afrin in this way, and in fact Afrin should not be used any longer than 3-5 days, as the risk of Rhinitis medicamentosa rises sharply after this time, and you will become essentially addicted to Afrin. Do copy this reply and bring it into your physician, as these medications will need a prescription.

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