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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by John P, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. John P

    John P Piano User

    Jun 16, 2006
    Camp Hill, PA
    Hey Manny,

    John Powlison here. I'm 18 years old and a freshman Music Education major at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. About two weeks ago, I recorded and sent some excerpts to ITG in hopes of getting a chance to play in their orchestral excerpts competition. Since I have them all on my computer, I figured I'd post 'em here for you to listen to. I realize that they're not terribly impressive, but I had a good experience preparing the excerpts and making the recording. I learned a lot of stuff about my playing that I wouldn't have heard without hearing myself on CD.

    The excerpts are as follows:
    Bach - Chrismas Oratorio
    Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 2
    Ravel - Piano Concerto in G
    Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade
    Strauss - Don Quixote
    Shostakovich - Symphony No. 1

    Songs by John P (Copy 2), Citizen of

    I've been having some articulation issues recently. I was playing on a Bach 1C for about a year, then I made the switch to a 1 1/2C megatone (which is what I used on the recording) and I'm currently on a 1 1/4C.

    I used a yamaha 4-valve long model A picc with a blackburn leadpipe and a Stork 4P mouthpiece for the Bach. For everything else, I used a large bore Bach 229 GH with a reverse leadpipe.

    I hope the link works. Thanks!

  2. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004
    Dear John,

    Clearly, you have a lot of ability and plenty to work with. You've got a good lip. Now you have a road ahead of you where you'll be learning the proper styles for these pieces.

    It may seem that I'm hard on your work but my comments are geared toward someone who clearly has the potential to be an excellent professional player one day. Bottom line: Watch your pitch, make your tonguing a bit more vital, and try to find the differences in each style of music. It sounds too safely set in one basic style of playing. You've got plenty of time to mature and you should enjoy your time training to become great.

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  3. dcstep

    dcstep Mezzo Piano User

    Nov 27, 2003

    Isn't this great?? Now a talented, promising young trumpet student can record his work, post it online and have a world class trumpeter give him meaningful, clear advice and encouragement. Ladies and gents we just witnessed a virtual master's class.

  4. TrentAustin

    TrentAustin Fortissimo User

    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    VERY VERY cool.

    Manny, you da man!
  5. wilcox96

    wilcox96 Mezzo Piano User

    Oct 31, 2005
    charlotte nc
    I have to agree. This is just terrific. The future is now...
    This is a real "educator" at work.... great to read, Manny. Thank you.

    ...and very fine playing John. I hope you take these "fine tuning" suggestions to heart. These are the types of things that really "make" a performance something special, rather than just playing a bunch of notes. Much success to you...
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  6. Fluffy615

    Fluffy615 Piano User

    Nov 30, 2006
    New Jersey
    Wow!! I sure wish this technology was available when I was starting college!! I love that this site is available, and that people like Manny are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Thanks Manny, and all the other pros that take time out to answer.
    Good luck JP.
  7. Tooter Tutor

    Tooter Tutor New Friend

    Feb 3, 2007
    Hudsonville, Michigan
    Terrific! You made my day! I'm pleased for you that you chose to record yourself and put it out there for all to hear! Wow, that is inspirational!

    I would just encourage you to keep listening to the music to really absorb the character of the pieces. Then use your imagination to bring out that character through your trumpet playing.

    I agree, you've got the chops, man! Keep reaching! Someday, we'll look back and say, "We we heard you here first!"

    Grego, trumpet section leader, West Point Band
  8. k0elw

    k0elw Guest

    This is terrific playing for an 18 year old, and it took real
    guts to lay it all out for everyone to hear. Congratulations
    I'm sure that having got this far you'll be able to run with
    Manny's critical comments. Best wishes for your studies
    (which you are just beginning) and future career. I see
    that you are a music ed student; that's great! If you
    go into PS teaching don't let your playing slide; you will be
    an encouragement to your students.

    best regards,


    ... now back to the shed!
  9. dow30

    dow30 Piano User

    Apr 26, 2005
    Hi John,

    Nice work, and what a Great lesson just hearing each excerpt and listening for the points which Manny commented about. Thanks to both of you for this. Maybe, some more of you young, brave lads should do this. Great learning experience for us all!

    But Manny,
    A Dear John Letter! ;-)

    ROGERIO Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 30, 2004
    Nice job John!

    I know you are getting tired of us referring to your age, but it's great to hear that at 18 your are diving right in to the literature. If I may, suggestions from an unqualified source... but one that wishes he done more of this. Print out postings for orchestral jobs and keep making these mock audition recordings. Do your home work by listening to recordings of that orchestra's conductor to pick up on his/her style, tempi etc... The idea is "If you know a girl likes caramel chocolates and you bring her caramel chocolates on your first date... your chances improve" ....LOL

    How wonderful to get advise from Manny.

    Like I said earlier, listen to not only recordings of the top dogs in the business but also a good variety of conductors leading those top dogs! Sorry Manny arf, arf....

    Do you own the Phillip Smith CD of Orchestral Excerpts? He illustrates this kind of thing... to prepare to play things in variety of ways (tempos etc)... so when the conductor says, "blah, blah, blah" you can adjust quickly.

    Best of luck John... you are way ahead of the game... but remember, while you were going to the movies, playing computer games or just sleeping - someone else was practicing ... LOL

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