Am I missing something?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by 40cal, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Nov 11, 2003
    Clodomir is good stuff. Simple, but definitely useful. Also really good are the Characteristic Etudes. Does anyone know if Vingt Etudes de Mechanisme is the same as the 20 Characteristic Etudes?
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    Books, books everywhere... and not a note to practice

    Well being of the younger generation, here's my perspective/system.

    The books I have include:
    Arbans (Of course!)
    St. Jacome's (Original hardbacked copy)
    Clarke Characteristic Studies
    Clarke Technical Studies
    Max Schlossberg Daily Drills and Studies (Excelent Book!!!)
    Numerous Jamey Abersole books

    I predict that all these books will get me through this life.... the life after kids... the half life... the good life... and the after life. :D

    I take lessons out of the Arbans book. Usually I go through all that for a good half an hour to an hour. Then I usually pull out the Schlossberg Studies (Good for focus of tone, flexibility, and tounging... now if it only made coffee ;-) ). Then I usually throw in some practice on my current audition piece for PA Music Festivals (Hummel 1st Mov't) and then most days I try and get some jazz stuff in before my lips start bleeding... J/K. But by that time I'm usually shot and I need a break.

    My advice: Find a solid book (Arbans; St. Jacome's) and take two or three exercises from each section and work on them for all around playing. Then find a book or two with some other studies or etudes that you can supplement into your practice routine. Try and find ones that have etudes that work on your weaknesses (ie, mine are tounging and searching for that velvety, rich, powerful trumpet tone when I'm tired). It helps change it up a bit so you can get a little somethin, somethin that Arbans doesn't always has to offer. Then move on and expand your musical horizons with a different style of music. Right now for me it's jazz. It could be borouqe (Don't fix it haha... :oops: ), classical, romantic, folk tunes, Hindu, Russian, or whatever you're interested in.

    Welp... that's about if for my. I think I put in my .02. All because you asked about a book...haha

    God Bless!

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