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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by daleptt, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. bumblebee

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    Jan 21, 2010
    Great Southern Land
    Could you provide a link to this book (on Amazon, perhaps)?

  2. Darten

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    Dec 21, 2009
    New York City
    Well since this type of thread came up again, why not chime in. Chris Botti, he is the guy I listen to when I want to feel up. "Do it in Luxury" on A Thousand Deep Kisses, is one of my favorite songs. It is not a hard song, nor complicated. It is just a feel good song, that reminds me of a line of baby elephants walking behind their mama. Something almost out of a Disney film. And if a song can create that type of imagery for me, Chris must be doing something right.
  3. Saile

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    Nov 11, 2010
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  4. bumblebee

    bumblebee Fortissimo User

    Jan 21, 2010
    Great Southern Land
  5. Saile

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I have the book as well. Its very good. It is missing some of his really good stuff. But it does have some of his big stuff as well like Italia and Cinema Paradiso
  6. xjb0906

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    May 2, 2009
    Charlotte NC
    I am not a pimple on the rear end of Chris Botti but I don't enjoy listening to him. Just not my thing. Doesn't mean I am putting him down.I am sure Mr. Botti is more than capable of playing the syles of music I enjoy. He just chooses a different path.
  7. vern

    vern Piano User

    Mar 4, 2008
    Botti style music doesn't do a lot for me but, after watching a video, I believe he's a heck of a trumpet player. Someone mentioned Marsalis-the guy Vacchiano called a "genius" when he additioned at Julliard-someone who I find very exciting, musically.
  8. Chuck Cox

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    Oct 3, 2008
    Cary NC
    My wife ( a trumpet listener ( not player ) ) commented tonight about Chris Botti. She said she really doesn't love to hear the trumpet....but she does love to hear the emotional passages that Chris puts into his versions. We've met Chris twice in Richmond and Durham recently. Chris has reason to be cocky, but he isn't. Voted in the top 50 most handsome batchelors in the world ! ? ! ......yeah he could be cocky. Of course I'm a Botti fan. I would sell a kidney to hear Chris and Herb Alpert play together. I read in Jazz magazine that Herb is out playing more with his wife. His wife was the lead female vocalist with Brazil 66 before Herb swept her off her feet and married her. One more thing that I've noticed from the concerts we attended. The average age of the audience is in the 60's I bet. A few 30's and more than a few teens. I think Chris does a fantastic job as our trumpet ambassador.
  9. BigDub

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    Dec 19, 2009
    Hillsborough, NJ
    It's one thing to say "in my opinion", and another to say, (matter-of-factly) "this is how it is". I've only seen Chris Botti on Youtube and I can't even imagine how you can say what you did- I would say you aught to be more careful how you phrase things. Opinion is welcome- condemnation isn't. SO many players have so much to offer- I don't like ALL of them but I would never say they don't have any feeling or talent.
  10. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    We all have the power to CHOOSE. This is something quite unique to our time. Like most periods of "excess", the appreciation for this wealth of variety is often lost.

    Many times an opinion gives us a picture of those expressing it. I feel sorry for those that get stuck with a very narrow view.

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