An American Elegy

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    Not sure how popular this piece is in the concert band/wind ensemble lit., but we're playing it this year, and I'm wondering how a lot of you guys interpret the trumpet solo appx. 3/4 of the way through the piece...for the off-stage part, since the camera and monitor that is recommended just isn't quite in the budget for a high school ensemble :D , I will probably just place myself in the light/control room at the rear of the hall, and close the door. However, I'm wondering how most of you prefer to interpret the beginning part with no time signature. I've been using a lot of space, and taking advantage of the rests as I feel it helps to achieve the "eerie" vibes. My only concern with this is that I'm afraid that if I milk it too much, it will become boring. So, would you recommend keeping things "moving along", so to speak, or is this a piece where it would probably be more acceptable to make liberal use of the rests? Thanks, and sorry for the confusing format (I'm not great with words :oops: )
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    I played that solo before, be very free with it, the conductor should follow you. My best advice is to try to get some good recordings of it, I know the North Texas Wind Symphony has a great recording of it, you can probably find it on the Walking Frog records website. Enjoy the piece, it's a great piece of band literature!
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    One of my favorite pieces and solos in wind ensemble music. I have played the solo part a coupleof times and have heard it many times also. Enjoy your sound on this, you want to milk it a little. Remember, this is the heavens calling down. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the people that were involved with the shooting and what they would feel like. These are the things I think about when playing the solo. There is a great breakup of the piece and what each section means that I will try to find again. Also, as said before, listen to some recordings. There are some free ones online you can find, that are legal.
    Adam Metzler

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