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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by a marching trumpet, May 24, 2010.

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Murfreesboro, TN
    Well, at my high school marching band is really REALLY BIG. Consequently when people mainly take from our main lessons teacher, they only use the upper register work in the packet, when not under supervision by him. Thus creating bad tone, and they pursue the goal of getting high notes the WRONG way. I know im no expert, but over the years of being with my lessons teacher (same with a few other guys) I have learned that not really using your chop muscles until you get up to high C, and relying more upon your tongue's arch etc will provide you with more consitancy, better tone qualities, and pitch. Im just trying to explain it the best way I can (from a high schoolers pov, I know I dont have the college edu to back it up) Anyways, I know for a fact that most people in our section do no take lessons, and by all means we do have a very good band program (TN state champions in the 2009 program) but this year has very difficult music from a coordination standpoint. Alot of us have noticed bad habits in the people who do not take lessons, and I formed an idea of creating a new packet that would have no Caruso exercises in it (as to not promote upper register) but rather, initially focus on this stuff:

    1) Arban: Exercise 9, pg 12: and use this as kinda a breath attack deal to promote tongue level at an initial attack
    2) Clarke Studies (no explanation here)
    3) Claude Gordon: exercise III part 1, pg 16, and exercise IV part1, pg 18: I kinda thought we could lip bend those, I personally do that to work on having the tongue KNOW the position of each note, and play it regardless of fingerings
    4) My personal favorite SCHLOSSBERG!!!!!
    5) Maybe throw in some of the Vacchiano studies in there, since we have a few sections that require double and triple tongueing, those books kicked my butt on multi-tonguing, so I was thinking a few exercises of that may do alot of people some good.

    Please feel free to comment on the stuff I just stated, just no flamming, if it does happen to where we do create it, we would have a few people work on it together and then hand it out. I kinda want to gear it (as I (think) Im the oldest student he has) to where the people already working with him wont have any trouble with it, as to just keep them in practice on it during season (cause they dont practice much during season) but the people who don't work on these methods, due to not having enough time to practice, or not having enough money for lessons etc. will be able to work these simple exercises, leading to a better sounding section, in the long run. Im really not looking for a screamer section, just one with good intonation, power, blend, etc. As I found out, I wish I knew this when I was a freshman, that range comes with time, and good tongue positions. Since we have a veteran section (only 2-3 freshmen) I figured that we'll spend less time learning how to march all over again, playing when marching, because they already know how to do it, and we can focus more on sectionals. Plus, the ones that do take lessons, they can't all afford these books, Ive just gotten them because I saved every penny I had to get them, so I kinda want to spread the knowlege around. What good is it for someone to say "Ithink you need to work some more Claude Gordon" if they dont know what it is, and have no way of getting a book.
    Basically, more education, theory, and methods on playing the trumpet this year for non lesson takers.

    I hope this is not to vague, I tried to explain it the best I could off the top of my head.
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    As one of the most senior band members, it is good that you are interested in the growth and development of the younger players. I don't know what the reaction of the director will be but at first glance is appears that your idea could be a positive one. Go ahead and work on it and see if it can be adopted.

    Good luck.
  3. a marching trumpet

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Murfreesboro, TN
    Thanks, I know our director got really pissed when last year we all incorporated the infamous Blue Devils chaos chords and all. He chewed us sec ldrs out ROFL
    so definately not pullin that again
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    Jun 18, 2006
    Success is normally easiest with a solid daily routine involving 1/3rd lipslurs and long tones, 1/3rd tunes and 1/3rd technical studies - in that order. What books or specific exercizes used are much less significant.

    It is clear that we develop favorites over the years. It isn't those specific pages, it is the intelligent use of what we do have that ultimately moves us forward. I find WAY too much emphasis on exercizes and WAY too little on tunes on most all of the posts here. Music is where we should be pointed towards. It should be the center of our activity. The requirements for the music drive the technical requirements an a very organic way.

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