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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trickg, Aug 10, 2005.

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    If you ask an orchestral violinist if a Stradivarius is really worth several hundered thousand dollars more than other very good violins for much much less, the answer will undoubtedly be:


    Whether or not that much violin/trumpet is "needed" is up to the musician and their budget to decide.
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    TB88 wrote:
    I can give an example....
    Before my friend's wife got the Stradivarius she had a violin the they paid 1.2 million for. It was a beautiful sounding instrument. However, when they brought the Stradivari to their home and were playing them and her old one, the difference in the sound was stunning!.
    As good as her old one was, with eyes closed you could always tell when one of the Strads was being played.
    Was the Strad worth another 1.3 million? if you heard it (and could afford it) the answer was YES!

    Another thing, the same thing happened when she tried new bows for the violin. The bow that cost $50,000 was much better sounding then the $7000 bow.
    I wish I had that kind of money....sigh......
    The answer to your qustion is yes it is 2x's better if you are a serious player and want the absolute best.


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