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    Nov 9, 2003
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    Here is a GREAT testimonial!!

    Hiya Doc!

    Just a short review of the horn we bought........

    I just wanted to let you know that my son has just completed the Region 19 Orchestra tryouts at Bonnett High School, Texas.

    He placed 4th overall out of 503 contestants.

    For his own school district he has made 1st chair for the Humble ISD.
    Of course a lot of practice was involved and he did well.

    (He now plays at all football games and in general has a good time....)

    We both feel that his new horn played a significant part in his recent success.

    Now that we have had the horn for some weeks I would like to say that my son is quite pleased with the horn and that it was everything that was advertised and then some. The instructors had all "steered" my son towards the Bach's at a particular Music dealer and it was difficult for me to convince him that this horn was as good as "The Bach's".
    Obviously my own interest was the $800 savings this horn represented. These same instructors now begrudgingly admit that this is indeed a fine horn. ( **No freebies from the music store program from this student )
    My son now displays a particular pride with his "unique" horn, and its obvious he holds his own with anyone in his age group.

    My own non-musical opinion.......

    Sound is excellent. Far better and noticeably so than some of the other horns when my son plays within a group. I can consistently pick out his horn everytime.

    Fit and finish is superb. Silver plating was flawless with no discrepancies anywhere. ( I got tired of looking for one )

    The case it comes with is very sturdy and sufficient to protect the horn from the inevitable knocks of traveling within the band.

    Thank you for your assistance in choosing this product. It is a decision we both feel comfortable with. We were both apprehensive (especially me) about a purchase such as this from a mail order perspective. The trip to your house and your demo of your own, and our comfort level with you personally was a major factor in purchasing this horn. I felt your integrity and honesty in showing this product sealed the deal. Zachary music is fortunate to have such a representative in the Houston area.


    Ray Lancon
    Kingwood, Texas

    More and more people are realizing the same thing...the ZeuS Guarnerius is a TREMENDOUS horn, at a FANTASTIC price!!!

    And a GREAT BIG thumbs up to Mr. Lancon's son, and the musical talent he is evidencing (is that a word)!!


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  2. drKmod

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    Nov 9, 2003
    Okla. City, OK
    Zeus Cornets....specifically

    I would like to hear the pros and cons on the Zeus Cornet from someone who owns and plays one of these horns.... I am in the Cornet mood and the Prestige is a little stiff for me... any players, please? :lol:

  3. Zachary Music

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    Nov 10, 2003
    Here is a review of two ZeuS cornets in silver and copper by one of Australia's leading brass players who wrote this reveiw for an Australian magazine which deals with brass playing. I don't personally know the reviewer but the ZeuS dealer in Australia had asked him for the reveiw right after receiving the first two Zeus cornets.

    ZeuS Guarnerius Cornet
    During the past three years brass manufacturers worldwide have been making outstanding cornets that will meet the ever-increasing demands of current band repertoire. This applies to solo and ensembles alike. Of course the final decision will be personal but there are seven considerations; Tonal consistency, Ease of production, Intonation, Valves, quality of workmanship, Value for money and after sale service.

    Instrument(s) played:
    ZCR 900S Zeus Silver plate (ZS)
    ZCR 900RL Zeus Lacquered Polished Copper (ZC)

    I will be using as a benchmark the Smith and Watkins K2 Lacquered Cornet (SW). Both ZeuS and Smith and Watkins’ cornets have only one model in terms of bore size and I feel this allows for some consistency in current standings.
    ZeuS cornets have .464†bore and 4 ¾†bell

    Tonal Consistency
    Both ZeuS cornets were very even through all registers, this was especially impressive as I felt that it gave the pitching of notes more freedom The ZS was brighter in tone than the ZC. Both cornets were very responsive, especially in the softer dynamics. The mid range of the ZS and ZC was not as warm as the SW but he top register of the Copper was warmer in tone than the SW. Overall the ZS and ZC were very consistent in the quality of tone and evenness of tone produced throughout all registers. The ZC was by far the mellowest in sound throughout the entire range of all cornets played. Playing the ZS and ZC in the extreme dynamic range does tend to break up slightly below the SW. This dynamic response is still well above the level that players play, even at top A grade level.

    Ease of playing
    The ease of playing of the ZS and ZC in the top register was spectacular. The ability of the ZeuS to slot into the correct note was very impressive. Movement through harmonics was also easy; the intervallic movement up to a 10th had an easy and effective transition.

    No cornet ever made has been free of intonation worries. The usual culprits of D1, C#1 were sharp (slightly) and were also the F2. I personally like the 1st slide a fraction sharp as it tends to keep D2 in a higher position, plus it has the same tendencies then as trumpet. The usual Besson (and to a lesser degree SW) is quite flat on G2, generally to accommodate the # D1 andC#1. Overall it is going to be a compromise and what you are used to in other brasses. Personally the F2 is sharp on trumpet so I tend to favour this type of set up on a cornet.

    Monel valves and brass guides give a lovely feel to the cornet. Valves sit a little high but I got used to this set up very quickly. As usual with the English style of cornet the valves are close to the player’s face. Personally I like the SW set up as I feel more at ease in a less cramped position. Mother of pearl tops are a softer and direct feel for all players, the softer feel is preferred by many of my female brass students.

    Quality of workmanship
    In one word excellent. ZS and ZC were well finished in plate and lacquer, the weight of the instrument is relatively heavy to a SW but the balance with the mouthpiece in the instrument felt very comfortable indeed. The two cornets supplied came with 1st and 3rd slide triggers. Cornets can be supplied with triggers or valve throws.
    The case is a made for the cornet to always sit vertically and the padding is such that the instrument does not move in the case.

    Value for money
    The strong incentive to purchase this cornet is the value for money. The top ZC is $2440, compared to $4500 on a SW. From the above my impression is that this is a quality cornet and would be a line ball decision between a Smith and Watkins or a Besson Prestige. Considering the price (it may go down if the $A continues to climb) the ZeuS is well worth the money and at least a good blow from Williams Music.

    After sales service
    Australia is lucky that we have exceptionally gifted repairers in Sydney. Parts are readily available and can be shipped to Australia within three days. The Australian dealership is Williams Music and this group have been prompt in supply and ensure friendly and effective supply and servicing of all cornets supplied.

    I was impressed with the Zeus Cornet in all departments, particularly in terms of tonal consistency and value for money. The Copper is a brilliant finish in lacquer but I feel the lacquered Brass (not tested) could be worth a try as well. The Copper in a band situation could be a little too dense in a section. The Copper is a wonderful solo instrument and would take an experienced player to blend and manoeuvre this instrument in all situations.
    The case is an excellent idea but it could be designed with a music pocket down the side – but perhaps the good old shoulder bag is also an option here.

    Brian McGuinness, October 2003
  4. Reverend

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    Nov 9, 2003
    Greater Houston area
    Now THAT is a great cornet review!!

  5. Zachary Music

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    Nov 10, 2003
    The latest review of the ZeuS G.


    Thank you for your help in making my Zeus purchase. I received the trumpet
    on Tuesday, and, throwing caution to the wind, played it on my gig that
    night. I got many oohs and aahhs from the other trumpeters in the band when
    I pulled it out of the case. The brushed lacquered finish looks great. But
    of course looks are not the test of a good horn, sound is. Let me tell you
    everyone including myself was impressed at the sound of the Zeus! My main
    axe is an older Elkhart 37, and the rest of the big band trumpet section all
    play on Strads of some permutation. I was able to blend in easily on the
    section work (better intonation than my 37), and when I pushed the horn on
    solos I easily cut through the band with a full sound that was bright and

    The sonic range of the Zeus is a hoot to play with! Playing softly I can
    produce a tone that ranges from warm and airy to clear and precise all with
    accurate attacks that I'd been missing on the 37. But when pushed the
    Guarnerius bites and projects like nobody's business! All notes are secure
    and there are no glaring intonation issues. I think the Zeus combines the
    best of the Bach and Yamaha worlds: the accuracy and smoothness of the
    Yammies with the sound and color palette of the Bachs. There is a tiny bit
    more resistance to the blow than my 37 but I think that actually helps with
    the surety of attacks on soft entrances and placement of pickoffs in the
    upper register.

    Kudos on a new entry into the upper echelons of the trumpet
    makers world. And thanks for the easy payment plan. I intend to try the
    copper branch flugel once the last payment is complete on the trumpet.

    Freddie Dunn
    3rd trumpet-Eubie Blake Legacy Band
    Soloist-Fertile Ground
    Lead trumpet-New Volcano Ensemble
    Bandleader, Instructor, Freelancer, Clinician
  6. Reverend

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    Nov 9, 2003
    Greater Houston area
    Welcome aboard the ZeuS bandwagon (pardon the pun :oops: ) Freddie!

    The word on the ZeuS quality, and value, appears to be getting out!

  7. Zachary Music

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    Nov 10, 2003

    I received my (Zeus Guarnerius ABL) horn the other day, took it out of the case and started
    playing. What a great instrument! I felt like I knew this horn, that's how easily
    it played. Then I put on the radius tuning slide and was even more impressed.
    I play a Bach Strad C and Bb most of the time and this horn surpasses those.
    The openness from low G to double G is exceptional. Even the standard tuning
    slide is has a different quality and is not as open, but it has
    uses. I first played one of your horns (Bb) last Easter. My friend, Tim has one
    and he said to tyr it. Right up to double F with no problem. Well, I
    rambled enough...but if anyone is looking for a top shelf horn AND at a great price
    they should play yours.

    Gene (N.J.)

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