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  1. tatakata

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    May 29, 2007
    looks like we are a couple of days in. Are people going to post?
  2. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Does New Hampshire have internet? :D
  3. Symphony Man

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    Dec 31, 2007
    Sorry for the lack of posts. Everyone here works so hard and are really busy!

    There is soo much great playing going on here.

    Each person has at least one amazing trait in their playing, whether it be their sound, or the technique, ect. In the end I am totally blown away by the level of musicianship around here, it's a nice environment to be in.

    Not only is it a great playing environment to be in but also everybody is very supportive of each other and helpful, it's great to see!

    The past few evenings have been master classes, given by each of the guest artists.

    Tonight's master class was with Mr. Steve Burns. The guy is really a walking encyclopedia, incredibly smart. Some of his teaching tonight dealt with applying some techniques from Thibault with his own insights included in it. For example, on larger interval slurs he would ask the player to sit more on the bottom note and "spring" off of it to the higher tone. He also encouraged the use of one's "chest" voice and "head" voice.

    Earlier in the day was a workshop on high range and technique with Gabrielle Cassone. Mr. Cassone is absolutely genius at this. With this, he put a heavy emphasis on air and the movement of the air, as well as the vibration of the lips to help remedy any problems. He recommended many books to help as well including the Thompson Buzzing Book, the Stamp book and the Irons lip flexibilities.

    Some of us are in trumpet ensembles which vary in size. I am in a 10 piece trumpet ensemble with Mark Gould as our coach. He has quite a sense of humor, and is great with the musical aspects of pieces.

    I have been extremely pleased with everything this seminar has to offer and hope that it continues into the second week.

    Symphony Man
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  4. TrentAustin

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Sorry for the tardy reply.....I'm on my PDA.

    this seminar has reminded me how fun it is to think about truly CREATIVE aspects of music.

    Cassone is probably one of the greatest trumpeters alive.

    Burns masterclass last night was a wonderful example of the incredible scope of musicianship, teaching, mentorship, poise, and presence. That night alone made it worth the seminar!

    But the finest aspect of this week so far has been the interplay of the participants. The scope of students and our artistic choices i absolutely huge.

    Anyone who can drive to this concert should drive up.... hearing Cassone, Burns,and Gould play will change your life!
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  5. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    SB always gives great master classes!
  6. ecarroll

    ecarroll Artist in Residence Staff Member

    Jul 13, 2005

    Sorry to be so quiet. We've obviously been very busy. Classes, concerts, faculty, and participants have been wonderful. I'll post both programs to date here.

  7. ecarroll

    ecarroll Artist in Residence Staff Member

    Jul 13, 2005
    20/20 Foresight at Chosen Vale
    Tuesday, July 17, 2008
    8:00 PM
    Mary Keane Chapel, Enfield, NH

    Amy Horvey, trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn
    Philippe Brunet, trumpet

    Quattro Pezzi (1956) Giacinto Scelsi
    Ms. Horvey


    Solus (1975) Stanley Friedman
    Mr. Brunet

    Apparatus Inoconcinnus (2006) Ryan Purchase
    Ms. Horvey

    Short Intermission

    Other Voices of the Trumpet:

    Exposed Throat (2000) H.K. Gruber
    Mr. Brunet

    Música invisible (2005) Cecilia Arditto
    (Libro cuarto: trompeta & flugelhorn, I, II, III)
    Ms. Horvey

    So(u)l(e) (2008)/Kryl (1977) Philippe Brunet/Robert Erickson
    Mr. Brunet
  8. ecarroll

    ecarroll Artist in Residence Staff Member

    Jul 13, 2005
    Opening Concert, opus 3
    Saturday, June 21, 2008
    8:00 PM
    Mary Keane Chapel, Enfield, NH

    Arie per il balletto a cavallo Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
    I (1623-1680)
    II Sarabande zum adschluss des ballettes
    III Follia zu neumen Eintritt der springer

    2 Intradas Daniel Speer
    Trent Austin, Gabriele Cassone, Tom Dambly, Annie Lemieux, Jonathan Morales,
    and Nathaniel Mayfield, natural trumpets, with Edward Carroll, timpani

    Canzon Cornetto Samuel Scheidt
    Josh Davies, Casey Tamanaha, Andre Dubelsten, and Christopher Carroll

    Concerto in D, MH 104 Michael Haydn
    Adagio/Allegro (1737-1806)
    Trent Austin and Rebecca Wilt

    Suite pour 3 Trompettes Henri Tomasi
    Lento Égéen
    Danse Bolivienne
    Xylo Acevedo, Andre Dubelsten, Benôit Sergeant

    from Sonata for Trumpet and Piano Kent Kennan
    With strength and vigor (1913-2003)
    Kathryn Driscoll and Rebecca Wilt

    Music for Ten Trumpets (for Mark Gould) Warren Wernick
    (b. 1962)
    Mark Bush, Brad Hogarth, Chris Kallmyer, Jeremy Maitland, Robbie McCabe, Matthew
    McMurry, Katie Miller, Mark Peterson, Ian Schwartz, and James Strzalka

    Café 1930 Astor Piazzolla
    Mark Gould and Rebecca Wilt


    Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman Joan Tower
    (b. 1938)
    Kathryn Driscoll, Sonja Lindsay, Sarah Reid, Halie Silverman

    Curiosity (2007) Bob Allaire

    Chris Kallmyer

    Intrada Robert Turrin
    (b. 1947)
    Casey Tamanaha and Rebecca Wilt

    Concertino Andre Jolivet
    Stephen Burns and Rebecca Wilt

    Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin (arr Dokshitzer) (1898-1937)
    Gabriele Cassone and Rebecca Wilt
  9. ecarroll

    ecarroll Artist in Residence Staff Member

    Jul 13, 2005

    Wednesday, June 18th
    07:30 Masterclass #1 Mark Gould (Stone Mill)

    Brad Hogarth
    Astor Piazzolla: Café 1930

    Daniel Herdtner
    Eric Ewazen: Sonata (mvt #2)

    Sarah Reid
    Rodion Shchedrin: Im Stile von Albeniz

    Casey Tamanaha
    Joseph Turrin: Intrada

    Halie Silverman
    Rachel Kincaid: Reverberation in the Stillness

    Chris Kallmyer
    Michael Clarke: Cascade

    Thursday, June 19th
    07:30 Masterclass #2 Gabriele Cassone (Stone Mill)

    Trent Austin
    Michael Haydn: Concerto in D

    Andre Dubelsten
    Vincent Bach: Concert Fantasie

    Ryan Bancroft
    Karl Pilss: Sonate

    Ian Schwartz
    Alexander Arutunian: Concerto

    Laura Hertaeg
    Larry Sitsky: Dagh

    Josh Davies
    Allan Vizzutti: Cascades

    Friday, June 20th
    07:30 Masterclass #3 Stephen Burns (Stone Mill)

    Katie Miller
    Desenclos: Incantation,Threne et Danse

    Xylo Acevedo
    Sergei Wassilenko: Concertto

    Sonja Lindsay
    Oskar Boehme: Concerto

    Chris Carroll
    Eugene Bozza: Caprice #2

    Katie Driscoll
    Kent Kennan: Sonata

    James Strzalka
    Kent Kennan: Sonata

    Jeremy Maitland
    John Liberatore: Catalyst for trumpet and electronics (world premiere)
    Monday, June 23rd

    07:30 Masterclass #4 Edward Carroll (Stone Mill)

    Mark Peterson
    Eugene Bozza: Rustiques

    Mark Bush
    Eric Ewazen: Concerto

    Matthew McMurry
    Georges Enesco: Legende

    Annie Lemieux
    Thomas Reeves: Sonata

    Eric Hennies
    Henri Tomasi: Tryptique

    Simon Wolnitzer
    Harry James: Concerto

    Rachel Kincaid
    Antoine Tisne: Emotion

    Wednesday, June 25th
    07:30 Masterclass #5 Thomas Stevens (Stone Mill)

    Pete Schiller
    Halsey Stevens: Sonata

    Erik Zbik
    Franz Joseph Haydn: Concerto in Eb

    Aaron Boyle
    George Antheil: Sonata

    Diana Wensley
    Paul Hindemith: Sonate

    Kyle Wallner
    Paul Hindemith: Sonate

    Robbie McCabe
    Robert Henderson: Variations

    Tom Dambly
    Hans Werner Henze: Sonatine

    Thursday, June 26th
    07:30 Masterclass #6 Markus Stockhausen (Stone Mill)

    Huw Dann
    Richard Mills: Trumpet Concerto

    Brian Sand
    Honegger: Intrada

    Benoit Sergeant
    Tomasi: Concerto

    Jonathan Morales
    Johan Nepomuk Hummel: Concerto

    Scott Reynolds
    Hans Erik Apostel: Sonatine

    Matthew Conley
    Olga Neuwirth: Laki

    Philippe Brunet
    Mauricio Kagel: Morceau de Concours
  10. Symphony Man

    Symphony Man New Friend

    Dec 31, 2007
    The concert last night was fabulous! It was a night full of different types of music from Mark Gould playing Cafe 1930, to the Kennan Sonata, to a contemporary piece titled "Curiosity".

    It was also great to see people not committed to the seminar come watch us.

    It is really a once in a life time opportunity to see all of Mark Gould, Steve Burns, and Gabrielle Cassone on stage on 1 night.

    TrentAustin played great again in his rendition of Michael Haydn.

    Overall another great night at Chosen Vale!

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