Any tips on how to move slides faster?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by hhsTrumpet, Apr 2, 2012.

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    That is why modern instruments have both a first and third valve slide. You use the one that causes the least damage elsewhere.

    Dale is 100% right about not needing the slide for fast runs. Your comment "I'm preparing for an all-state band audition where every tiny aspect counts." shows that you don't understand what the problem is! The real tiny aspect is intonation and we can adjust for that with the lips alone. Moving the valve slides allow more RESONANCE than lipping up or down, but moving the slides quickly during 16ths will move the horn around a bit adding instability to our tone. That resonance is NOT discernable on very fast passages in the low register.

    If we are playing a C or D major scale, we can leave the third slide out. The third valve is used for nothing else except the D. I would not leave the 3rd slide extended for an Eb or Ab.

    So, for the audition your playing will be judged. If there are intonation issues, the adjudicators look for reasons. If you properly lip the notes in tune, they have nothing bad to hear - and no reason to look for other things.

    Post what you expect to be such a low frequency challenge. Maybe there are alternate solutions.....
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    Dale and Robin +1
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    If you're playing 16th notes how bad could it sound(?) if you don't adjust the slide, just saying. By the time they may hear a little intonation issue, you're on the next note, maybe the third step up!

    But I agree with gnomady. Whatever he says, yeah, whatever he says.
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    Hmm, I always thought that Eb's and Ab's needed at least some slide adjustment, D's needed more, and C# needed a bit more still. I'll have to get out the tuner and experiment...
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    You should have no fear of any scale!
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    The third slide is usually made just a bit long, so that 2-3 valve combos are (should be) right in tune. Some older horns, with no slide adjustments, have even longer third valve slides -- so that Eb (and Ab) are a little flat, D below the staff is in tune, and low C# is a bit sharp.
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    I think all things have been said in this thread.
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    Gary...............Gary come quick! He spelled your name wrong!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I quoted it so he cant change it. Your own spell checker spelled your name wrong. Nice BidGub. I mean BigBud, or BidBud......
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    I must humbly hand in my resignation as Gmonady's spell checker, however, it is not a standard word that would have come up in my vast research and studies.......:cool:
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    Resignation rejected. BigDub... I need you man. the gmonady thing is easy to miss and heck if you like gnomady better, I'll change my name for you... I REALLY need an editor! Cody... Leave BigDub alone... or am I going to have to give you another Fatherly nuggie?

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