Anyone familar with Jupiter Trumpet???

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Jan 24, 2010
    I have used the trumpet for a little over a year now, since 8th grade. I have preformed in an honors band of my district (not school district). People loved the look of the horn, and i produce a very clear, bright sound with it. My lesson teacher uses a high quality monette horn, and my parents can not tell us apart. Also, many kids in the band at my high school complement me on my tone quality, look of the trumpet, and say that it is very easy to play. As for the condition, i have taken very good care of it. Until i got it cleaned at my local music center (where i bought it), the was not a scratch on it. Yes i have knocked it into a couple chairs and music stands, and my dog even knocked it over, not a scratch. My horn uses a reverse lead pipe, the heavy valve bottoms, and the standard tuning slide. This helps keep the high register such as cs, and ds in tune and clear. my model is a 1604 xo with gold plated valves. i bought it for 1400, but that was with discounts such as purchases made at the music center, renting, and taking lessons. Retail was 2400. I would definitely recommend this instrument to absolutely anybody.
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    How old is this thread - I wonder if anyone is still listening?
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    IMO Jupiter makes some of the best horns for the money. I have several Tribunes and have never had any problems with them. I disagree with the comment that they don't produce pro horns. Their website lists several artists using their horns Jupiter Band Instruments - Performing Artists
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    I went to university with Colin Murray, who now plays bass trombone in Toronto (Canada) and is a pretty decent modification/repair technician. He operates a modest website called "Mr. Equipment" that's a real hoot as well as informative.

    His site has a really interesting evaluation of 6 well-known student horns played and compared by five professional and semi-pro players. The horns tested included the Bach TR500, Blessing B125, Jupiter 600ML, King 601, Mirage TR200 and Yamaha YTR2335. Definitely worth a read => Mr. Equipment - Test Lab
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    Yeah, this one is a couple of years old. But, unlike some that are simply personal diatribes, this one has some timeless elements since it is addressing a trumpet brand/model which people always seem to want to know. And, it saves opening another thread for a similar topic.:huh:
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    i have a 1000S and it is a decent player. It play in tune and has a nice tone, but the valves are sub-par. As said the this thread and others a synthetic valve oil is recommended.

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