Anyone notice the out of synch prices on Ebay for some brands of trumpet's???

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Ok if you are a savy shopper and do not need to have the first trumpet you want that comes along you can get some crazy deal's if you willing to let some go buy. What I mean is you set your price limit and what you are looking for ie promodel trumpet's from 1920-1955 $150 and under. The first 5-7 will get snatched up at the last minute by someone that just has to have the King Liberty USN and is willing to pay any price for it. Sooner or Later though another pro trumpet of that vintage in that price range will come along you just have to be patient. Sometimes I am looking for a basket case to try various custom modifications to like a copper bell with or with out the bead etc.......

    Well what I have noticed is that as a group the one's that consistently set a reserve price that is insanely high or start the bidding off too high are Getzen owner's. Now what strikes me as funny is that until about 10 year's ago no one took them seriously they where student instrument maker's for H.S. and College especialy marching band. I am sure we all remember the Frumpet?!?! Sure they have always built a durable precision made product but nothing that was taken seriously by pro's. I will say that the last 10 year's or so maybe 15 they have really come a live in this department not because they could not have done it sooner but they just did not try. So when I see Getzen 390/490 with reserves in the $350 range or higher or a buy now price of $580 or a first bid with no reserve of $180 I have to ask myself what a person is smokeing or what is in their water.I saw a Getzen Tone Ballanced model with a reserve price of $315. In 1950 when that model was made it was a low end pro model that sold new for $150 that is less then my F.E. Reynolds from 1968 which sold for $168MSRP. Their is nothing special about them other then that they do play nicely and they are very easy to play. I can not imagine anyone paying that type of money for a student horn or for an unremarable low end pro horn. You do not see this kind of fanatisizim in any other brand until you get tot he Bach Strad's but unlike a Getzen 390 or a Super Delux Tone Ballanced model the Bach Strad's ahve the chop's to back up their higher priceing plus they are expensive to start with!!!

    Sure If I go to BrassWinds or Music 123 I will see that my son's Holton 602 is $1025 to buy new but I got it on Ebay for $50 because that is what the market would bare on that day. I see a lot of Holton's with reserves or buy it now priceing int he $299 range and but that is not the norm for those on Ebay. His has insane compression,great valves, no dent's or dings just a few spot's near the recieveronthe lead pipe that have some finish missing. It sounds absolutely great for a student trumpet. My 1968 F.E. Reynolds is in about 98% condition their is light wear onthe valves and some light scratch's on the lead pipe that could be buffed out. Their are zero dents a few dings so small that you have to be with in an inch or two to see them I got it for $100. It is built every bit as well as an Old Ambasador and I think better since it has nickle silver sleve for all the tuning slide's and solid nickle spit valves etc.......So why is that the Getzen owner's are so stuck on price and set their prices so high?????? I mean really they are not any more expensive then any other trumpet in a lot of way's their prices are lower then most especialy when you look at how well they build their stuff not fancy just well put together with good materials.

    I have yet to see any other group Conn,Selmer,Bach NON-Strad's, Yamaha,Reynolds,Buesher,even the Old's Owner's are not as set on price! I mean the Olds Ambasdor's all the way up through the Menendez and Studio SPecials are all highly sought after in fact it is probably the most sought after single brand of trumpet on Ebay and you can find them from $9.99 up to $1800 dollars in various states of repair etc....

    So chime in you see it with some brands of mouth pieces too. THe old's mouth pieces that are in good shape like new often sell for like $75 which is so crazy when you can buy Warburton, Schilke,Stork, for 1/2 that price or for double you can have a like new Harrelson or Monette etc......I am sure their are other strange things I am completly missing but do chime in since all of our experinces and perceptions will differ a little bit!
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    Mar 21, 2006

    Getzen's have been great horns for ages. Think of the Eterna and the Severinsen models.
    Their valves are legendary. Everyone takes Getzen seriously. They have many pro artists endorsing their products, and they have had them for a while. Doc is one of them!
    The reason trumpets cost more now than they did 50 years ago is because they are now collectibles and because of inflation.
    Message Brett Getzen on this forum. His family has been making great instruments for decades. I am sure he would have something to say about your comment about his family "not trying" to make a good instrument.
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    Jul 25, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    What did Getzen ever do to you.

    You are so off the mark here.

    Some of the best trumpet designers/makers today used or even still use Getzen parts for their horns.

    Monette and Lawler for a start.

    Doc played Getzen when he was untouchable as a trumpet artist. Don't you think he had every brand wanting him to play their horns. He must have liked something.

    Not bad for a student horn maker.

    As for second hand market price. It has very little to do with how much a horn originally sold for. It is all about the brand and a brand is built buy the players who played the horn. You want a Miles sound then you will pay top dollar for a vintage Committee. You want a Mendez sound you will be hunting down Old's Super, Opera etc. You want classic 1950's studio - Olds recording and Selmer K Modified are the horns of choice, Orchestral - Bach Mt Vernon, New york & 37 (some of the greats played Selmer Radial & K Modified). If 1970's/ 80's studio sound is your thing Benge & Bach 72 (lightweight) are the prize of choice.

    Forget what a horn sells for. All that matters is you relate to the horns feel, sound and balance.

    Then you can play music.
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    Sep 13, 2006
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    I agree with the part about the Reynolds and Holton horns. I liked my Medalist better than the Ambassador, purchased fairly close together, so I sold the Ambassador. Better still, the Medalist, in excellent shape, only cost me $26 off ebay plus shipping, I guess while no one was looking.:roll:

    The "collector " Getzens have their following, as do many other brands. There are enough for everybody, but just the right "deal" can be elusive. There are different swings in the buyer/seller market for most products and the variables can make your head or computer spin.ROFL
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    Oct 16, 2008
    I don't have the money to be a horn collector (or the time and skill to refurbish the ones that are so-so) so I also get a kick out of some of the prices that people are looking for on e-bay.

    One man's trash is another's treasure I guess...
  6. oldsben

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    Oct 30, 2008
    On Ebay there are shipping fees as well :-)

    I just got a Besson 609 locally for $40 with stuck slides. I'm just trying to get the slides out of the tube now. So that's the trouble may end up kick me off for cheap stuff foreverROFL. There are Besson in fully working condition locally asking for $200. For me I might need to cut that one to $150 to get the peace of mind and enjoy the instrument rather than "enjoying" fixing the problems while the thanksgiving is coming but I'm still without a movable tuning slide :evil:. That may take weeks of my patients ...

    Forgot to mention that I sold my 59' Olds ambassador for the sake of leaking air problem. I was lucky because that's a good looking but leaking a little air trumpet, so my local music shop owner bought it with the money I like.

    I think "cheaper" most time means fix upper, it never mean save money and time to me :shhh:.

    So I mean be strive to certain level, don't over do it to kill yourself. :grouphug:

    My 2 cents
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    Sep 12, 2008
    Is a good condition Getzen super deluxe tone balanced for $450 a good deal?

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