Anyone try a NYTC Stage 1 Leadpipe????

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Ok well I am very interested in this style leadpipe. First I think it looks sexy and I always feel better playing on a trumpet that looks sexy and elagant then one that is ugly. Aside from their good looks what did you like or dislike about the stage one leadpipe?

    In addition to the NYTC Stage 1 leadpipe what else have you tried as a replacement leadpipe that you liked very much? I think I would like to try a slightly linger leadpipe with a lot smaller reciever end that slowly taper's. So I am looking for a long leadpipe with a lot of taper.

    For the record I am not brand loyal so it does not have to be a high end custom leadpipe. Any brand from OEM current production to full blown custom leadpipe and everything in between is worth mentioning.

    In fact OEM would be fine by me. I have a Holton 602 leadpipe and a Pilczuk Accu-Sonic 43-59. The Holton 602 is going on a Holton 602 but it could easily be used on many other trumpet's and is a real value at $32 for the leadpipe and reciever. The Pilczuk is going on my project trumpet more then likely. It is not the ideal size Pilczuk for my Reynolds Medalist. It is about a 1/2 inch shorter then would be ideal for my Medalist or I would use it.It will work just fine aside from I would prefer it to be about 1/2 inch longer. So at this point I am open to any sugestions. I found a Jupiter 600 for $4.60 and the reciever was about the same price. I have no clue though how long the Jupiter is or how much taper it has. I saw a nice Bach Strad 43 for $30 but again no idea on the length and taper etc.... So as it sits right now my OEM Medalist leadpipe is about 10 in length includeing the reciever. Ideally I would like one that is 10-12 inch's in leangth with reciever. I would like to lean towards the slightly tight side with lots of taper. This should keep it slotting excellent and should make it a bit brighter. This is going to get silver plated and is going to be given to my son.

    The reason for the replacement is red rot. I bought it used off ebay and while the trumpet is in ever other way close to new the leadpipe suffered some red rot. It is not through yet but it is only a matter of time.

    I can tell you that my Medalist was made dureing the time frame that Old's and Son's owned Reynolds so diemensionaly it has a lot in comon part wise with the olds Specials,Recording and the Ambasador. It sounds like an Old's Special and has Nickle tuneing slide's, machined solid nickle water key's, nickle valves, but has the Reynolds valve case,caps and stem's. In fact if not for the Rynolds Valve case and water key's it looks like a clone of the Olds Specials. She even has the stress free diagonal small round braceing. She is a lovely instrument to look at and to play and she sounds great! So I am not wanting to go radical like the Pilczuk leadpipe if I can help it. I mean I already have it and it is quality but it would definately alter the apperance in a very noticable way. I am also a tad concerned it might be too free blowing and that it might make it sound a tad too dark. This trumpet already is about as dark as I would want this one to be since it is a General purpose trumpet. If it was any darker then it would be a full blown Jazz trumpet and that is not what I want out of this trumpet. Hence the reason why I am looking for any idea's or advice on long leadpipes with a lot of taper!

    What ever I decide to go with after I am done installing it I will let everyone know how it turned out. If money was no object I would get 5-6 leadpipes and just keep them on hand. Play test them and pick the best one and keep the rest for future projects!

    I was playing leadpipes tonight after I was done practiceing just to hear what my trumpet's sounded like with just the mouthpiece and leadpipe. You just take out the tuneing slide. I also tested my new unmounted leadpipes. It was very interesting to hear the different harmonics that each one had built into it's design.You have to really listen closely. I noticed some where like trying to tame a wild horse while other's where like rideing a penny pony at the corner store!! SOme just wanted to slot no matter what while other's where all over the place!

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