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    I just thought to put this up as I find it valuable, short, concise and answers all the "Which Arban's" questions.

    I spoke with Thomas Hooten who is one of the Editors of the New Arban mentioned. The long and short of it is that It is identical to the previous Arbans Complete Conservatory method in terms of the music/exercises. Things were not changed notationally. They are Identical to each other. The only things changed were the written comments. Also they are 'worded' differently from the old one however, they retain the same information. Kind of like Old English being translated to Modern English, saying the same thing in a more 'explained' perhaps, easier to understand way.

    Also the Page numbers are different. They tried to keep the page numbers the same, however, it would have been just as congested/hard to read as the older ones. The new one is therefor more spread out, and that is why more pages have been used and why the page numbers do not match.

    The response I received from Thomas was this:

    All of the old original material should be on the CD in the back of the book.

    Jennifer and I did not want to alter too much the material, rather help create explanations and a layout of the book that was easier for people to read and understand Arban's intent.

    We really wanted to keep the page number the same, however, if you noticed the book is about 50 pages longer. This is because of larger print and having the material spread out somewhat. For ex. the characteristic studies are now on 2 pages rather than one.

    My Comment in addition would be this:

    Get the Arban book you have bound so that it lasts you forever.

    Get a hard cover binding done as that is best but make sure that they use a material for the spine (how it is joined together). Reason for this is, the material is flexible and therefor will allow your Arban to sit flat on any page on the music stand rather than wanting to fold over as it does in original condition because it is bound by glue.

    Hope this Helps!

    PS: Perhaps this could be a sticky thread for future members that are perhaps thinking which Arbans to buy or anyone for that matter that may be 'googling' the information and may find this thread. Just a thought if you think worth it
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    Thank you so much for this information. Are we to conclude that the latest printing discussed above is bound in the same way (glued cover stock wrapped around to form the spine) as the older one like I have from 1967-68?

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