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    If you feel intimidated by the Characteristic studies try this:

    -pick one of the characteristic studies to play -- if one looks easier to you than another, pick the easy one

    -take a look at the first 8 bars. Play them the best you can, slowly.

    -Identify the attributes that make the first 8 bars hard for you (flexibility issue, range, fingering, ornamentation, etc.)

    -go back and find the exercises in the earlier part of the book that address the problems you've identified above and practice them

    -continue with next 8 bars of the study

    You'll eventually get to the end of the study. Go back and start trying to play it as a piece of music, with dynamics, breathing, phrasing etc.

    Trying to get your first one together so that you can just stumble through it once may take a long time, but that's cannot lose with this approach, you will improve....

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    Now why didn't I think of that!

    Reminds me of anecdotes from the Vacchiano biography. Bill would listen to his student. Discover weaknesses. And he'd say something like, Don't worry. There's a fix for all that on Arban's pages . . . or words to that effect.
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    If Arans was easy we wouldnt be talking about it right now. It kicks my butt on a regular basis, but anything worth having is worth working for, so dont give up on it. The parts you think are hard only get easier with repetition and slowing the tempo down till you get the hang of it. I am working on my sight reading right now and it is showing some improvement....Horray for me. Ive read that some of the characteristic studies are badly out of date, but for me the different (difficult) musical phrasing is just what I need. To play whats on the page, not what I think should be there. Best wishes.
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    Mar 8, 2012
    I've enjoyed and profitted from this thread. I,too, find my butt kicked by Arbans. The suggestions have been most helpful. My butt feels better.
  5. Bob Grier

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    When I was very young (12) I was impatient to play music instead of exercises. So I would go to the 150 Phrasing Studies in the Arban Book. I would look for songs that didn't look overwhelming and go " I wonder what that sounds like?". I would pick out a couple of songs and figure them out. I played through them until I had a pretty good idea of what they sounded like. The next time I would pick some new ones. At the time I was just having fun> what I didn't realize was that I was learning to sight read. I became very good very young and it has been one of the strong points of my playing.

    Moral: if you want to be good a sight reading music, read a lot of music.

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